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Ophidian 03-19-07 09:06 PM

Price of early 80's Shimano DX Pedals
I have a guy that want to buy one of my sets of 80's Shimano DX pedals. They are new and I haven't been around BMX for many years. What do they go for now?

wethepeople 03-19-07 09:09 PM

Whatever somebody will pay for them. Honestly, probably not worth much.

Ophidian 03-19-07 09:11 PM

That don't surprise me since there's so many copys of them out there. Maybe I can get $20 for them. I think I paid about $20 in 85 for them.

wethepeople 03-19-07 09:20 PM

$20 sounds reasonable.

wds178 03-20-07 07:50 AM

Wait just a minute, Actual OG Shimano DX's are one of the most desired pedals in the vintage BMX circles. It's not uncommon for new ones to fetch over $100 on ebay. Sometimes even close to $200. If you are really looking to sell them, it may be worth it to put them up on ebay. Also do some looking around They are worth $$$ in new or good cond.

KinetikBiker 03-20-07 07:50 AM

If wds178 is right...then jack that price up!

Ophidian 03-20-07 08:54 AM

Holy**** I just check ebay and one finished at $140 and it was used. Now I don't know what to do I got 3 new sets sitting here and 2 used ones. I guess I'll ask for more. When I raced in the 80's I bought every pair I found while traveling because I never wanted to be without a set and there were so hard to find in 9/16. I think I'll ebay a set and see what I get. Thanks for the help. I would have left money on the table.

FitRider 921 03-20-07 03:30 PM

Originally Posted by KinetikBiker
If wds178 is right...then jack that price up!

fa sho. damn. that's more than fly pedals.

mude 03-20-07 05:22 PM

what makes em so good?

FitRider 921 03-20-07 05:24 PM

they are old and hard to come by

mude 03-20-07 05:25 PM

so are plenty of other brands of pedals that are old, why these as oposed to another company

FitRider 921 03-20-07 05:39 PM

old and hard to come by = lots of money

mude 03-20-07 05:41 PM

depends on what it is

new_dharma 03-20-07 05:42 PM

people on eBay will buy anything...i sell my used Chuck's when I'm done with them...usually get $45-80 for the pair...

mude 03-20-07 05:44 PM

any positive feeback on 'em?

new_dharma 03-20-07 05:45 PM


FitRider 921 03-20-07 05:45 PM

I should sell my Lotek's that they stopped making when I'm done with them, but they don't have matching laces, have little rips, and are stretched out on one foot.

new_dharma 03-20-07 05:55 PM

my Chuck's were in SUCH bad shape...holes, soles fallin' off, heal-cup gone (that's the hard, plastic part at the heal...they always come off).

MadMan2k 03-20-07 06:23 PM

Shoes are worth about 5 cents each the instant you wear them and get sweat/dirt on/in them. Clothes should only be given away, not sold, and if you have to buy them used, get them from a thrift store... IMO.

new_dharma 03-20-07 06:37 PM

i'm just sellin' 'em...I figure if people want my old shoes AND are willing to pay more than I did I'm not going to stop them

mude 03-20-07 07:12 PM

you both make good points

KinetikBiker 03-21-07 06:40 AM

Makes me want to put my old Vans that don't fit and aren't made anymore on eBay. Maybe someone will pay alot for them aha.

wds178 03-21-07 07:43 AM

It's not so much that DX's are just old & hard to find, but these were THE pedal to have back in the day. They just felt perfect.
Ophidian sums it up best: "When I raced in the 80's I bought every pair I found while traveling because I never wanted to be without a set and there were so hard to find in 9/16."
You look at a lot of the old pics from the 80's: Hoffman, Fiola, Blyther, etc. and you'll find that often they're riding DX's. I've read that Rick Moliterno still has a stockpile of them so that he can keep riding them.

Punx 03-21-07 08:09 AM

Nice job Wds178 you helped him a lot!!

MadMan2k 03-21-07 10:27 AM

So should we start buying up a bunch of Jim C's?

Actually, I wish I had bought a second pair in the limited edition teal and kept it in the box. Mine are still going strong, but they won't be forever and I like the color a lot, so it'd be a shame to get boring black or something.

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