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sprintcarblue 03-23-07 08:52 PM

real srrrs edit
it may or may not make you unbored for 3 minutes.

mude 03-23-07 08:59 PM

i liked it,
its like in english class when your teacher tells you to "write with voice"
you made it your own and really individual, not like most riding clips that look the same

eightdip 03-24-07 05:12 AM

That was good, word to mude

FitRider 921 03-24-07 08:48 AM

I liked it. It was pretty good. It was very creative.

sprintcarblue 03-24-07 09:08 AM

I didn't edit it, my friend caleb did of a few small trips we went on. It was just some random clips he had on his camera from that. He really likes throwing together wierd edits. It's a pretty non-serious video. But were all pretty non-serious people.

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