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photothug123 03-27-07 09:09 PM

just thought i would brag
this is way better then anything u guys told me to get. and u guys told me it was a bad set up. haha. i laughed!

look its beautiful

it rides like a charm kids!

sprintcarblue 03-27-07 09:34 PM

Just Telll Me What Bars They Areeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Dammit! Arrrrrrrr!

wethepeople 03-27-07 09:36 PM

Your thread was deleted for a reason, there is a thread devoted to this kind of stuff. Could you not figure it out the first time?

Anyways, it's nothing special. So what, you got a Sunday! frame. Honestly, I don't care for them to much. Nor does anybody care that you have a better bike. And why the hell are you running that chain with pegs?

MadMan2k 03-27-07 09:36 PM

I didn't say it was a bad setup, nice bike. It'd be better without brakes, though.

And yes, it would be better to just put it in the bike check thread next time.

KinetikBiker 03-28-07 07:21 AM

Decent parts, ugly color combos yo.

This font is hella big.

Punx 03-28-07 07:52 AM

Thats a nice bike. Where did you buy it and for how much. Seems you went a bit overboard for a beginner? Nice bike though. Congratulations.

new_dharma 03-28-07 10:46 AM

Mmm ... soylent green

sprintcarblue 03-28-07 11:28 AM





bikerguy45 03-28-07 12:51 PM

The bike is ugly you dont have front brakes how are you gonna do good endos with that set up jk you need to get blue rims i would look alot better

mude 03-28-07 01:56 PM

who told you that was a bad setup

the only reason it woudl be bad is because you suck at bikes.

lets start at the begining:
a)brake lever positioned angled to far down
b)brake cable not secured to a part of the bike and to long so it will probably get caught on somthing, and from an asthetic point of view looks like crap
c)handlebars bent to far forward
d)your running that chain with pegs
e)terrible color scheme

FitRider 921 03-28-07 02:10 PM

You guys are just nitpicking way too much. Yeah, the bars don't match the frame and are Chicago'd and his chain is pretty bad for what he wants to do, but besides that, it's a great bike.

mude 03-28-07 02:11 PM

its not the bike, its him
its what he gets for posting a thread specifically meant for it

sprintcarblue 03-28-07 02:54 PM

I dont see anything wrong with the bars being a tad forward or the lever position. Eitherway, somebody should tell me who makes those ****ing bars!

and the seat does look a little ****ed so far forward.

new_dharma 03-28-07 05:18 PM

25" inseam w/ a 6.5' body...and arms like an orangutan...then the setup is ok!

gnr rocker 03-28-07 05:28 PM

who was it that was older that loved sunday frames and dual rear cables?

mude 03-28-07 06:08 PM

i like dual cables
if only i ran a gyro

FitRider 921 03-28-07 06:22 PM

Originally Posted by gnr rocker
who was it that was older that loved sunday frames and dual rear cables?


gnr rocker 03-28-07 06:49 PM

well he did call us kids, and thats a sunday frame, and im sure those are dual cables. could that be prozakk?

FitRider 921 03-28-07 06:55 PM

quite possibly.

gnr rocker 03-28-07 07:06 PM

i bet it is

mude 03-28-07 07:17 PM

no one would be surprised

wethepeople 03-28-07 11:24 PM

No, Pozerzack ran front and rear brakes, a large sprung saddle higher then the bars that were chicago'd and it had to be black.

FuzzyRyder 03-28-07 11:57 PM

And he would never run a straight cable that long, they aren't dual cables. There is no gyro.

MadMan2k 03-28-07 11:59 PM

He wouldn't have been able to get pictures that good of the bike either.

eightdip 03-29-07 02:16 AM

Sunday frames = the ugliest frames out there

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