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bikerguy45 03-28-07 08:51 AM

Bmx trick help
I need some help learning how do do a squeaker. I know most people would just say go to but its not working so anyone know any other sites that might help or if you know how.

KinetikBiker 03-28-07 08:55 AM

Use the search button.

But i highly doubt there's been a thread on this...
Hell i don't even know what a squeaker is. But i'm assuming it's flatland.

I wish BMXTRIX still posted on here.

bikerguy45 03-28-07 08:57 AM

squeaker is flatland and i will try search.

FitRider 921 03-28-07 01:04 PM

No one here really flatlands besides Mikato, but I haven't heard from him in a very long time.

mude 03-28-07 01:59 PM

hypersnazz did

FitRider 921 03-28-07 02:07 PM

I don't remember him.

mude 03-28-07 02:10 PM

irimi does i blieve, and theres a thread about a guy that movied to san franssico and flatlands

theres more then you think

mott464 03-28-07 07:44 PM

Do a footjam and grab the front brakes. Put your foot thats not on the tire onto the peg. Then alternate between letting off front brake, pulling down on tire and hitting the front break again. I made it sound kind of confusing but its the only way i know how to say it. It takes some practice to get the timing down for the front break.

KinetikBiker 03-29-07 06:37 AM

Try going to and looking for links to other flatland sites that could have trick tips.

Why the hell is the font so big when i use the damn quick reply?!

bikerguy45 03-29-07 01:59 PM

ok thanks for the help.

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