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callumrides 03-29-07 05:04 PM

I was reading an interview with Dave Mirra and he was stoked becuase he had just got his bike to weight 23lbs 9oz which is about 10.8kg. Which i dont think is that impressive as my friends bike weighs 10.1kg. You would think someone like Dave mirra would be able to have a bike as light as he wants. I want to know how much your bike weighs and the weight of any other pros bikes.

My bike weight about 12.2 kg. But im poor.

FitRider 921 03-29-07 05:14 PM

We use pounds here, and he does have it as light as he wants... he rocks 4 pegs.

MadMan2k 03-29-07 05:28 PM

Yeah, I think he has a crapload (4, and 2) of pegs and brakes on his bike. Plus, if you get a bunch of super light components they won't be strong enough, and he probably doesn't want to die because something snapped when he was riding it.

callumrides 03-29-07 05:36 PM

i didnt think of pegs.

do you know how much any other pros bikes weigh? and how much do yours weigh?

and i know you use pounds there which is stupid and not metric but one day you lot will learn.

10.1kg = 22lbs 2oz
12.2kg= 26lbs 8oz

FitRider 921 03-29-07 05:49 PM

My bike weighs about 28-29 pounds.

mude 03-29-07 06:57 PM

my bike weighs 37 libbs.

whats a libb?

premiumbmx2005 03-29-07 07:02 PM

mines like 29lbs.

i wish we used the metric system.

mude 03-29-07 07:03 PM

so we coud be as ghey as the rest of the world?

FitRider 921 03-29-07 07:08 PM


Punx 03-29-07 08:11 PM

My weighs like 26-28...

I_Suck_At_BMX 03-29-07 08:14 PM

Originally Posted by mude
my bike weighs 37 libbs.

If you're being serious I give you a lot of props for riding a bike of that weight.

My bike weighs about 27-28lbs

wethepeople 03-29-07 09:15 PM

MacNeil is around 25ish, Purple bike is 33ish.

photothug123 03-29-07 09:48 PM

mine 27 pounds

FuzzyRyder 03-30-07 12:01 AM

My Flow is about 27.

eightdip 03-30-07 02:03 AM

About 26-27, perfect

callumrides 03-30-07 02:06 AM

about 22 is perfect. the lighter the better.

eightdip 03-30-07 02:08 AM

**** that, wayy to weak and twitchy. I hate too light bikes

KinetikBiker 03-30-07 07:24 AM

My baby is somewhere around 28-30. I've never weighed her though, so i'm not sure.

Maybe next time i'm at the shop i'll weigh her on the cool scale they have for bikes.

eightdip 03-30-07 07:35 AM

Yours will be about 26 i think Kinetic, it has some light parts

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