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gnr rocker 04-05-07 12:45 AM

post a picture
of yourself

wethepeople 04-05-07 01:10 AM

And hurray for using a bobcat for building jumps.

gnr rocker 04-05-07 01:11 AM

you look like adam carrola (sp)

callumrides 04-05-07 01:21 AM

[IMG]Removed by forum admin[/IMG]

gnr rocker 04-05-07 01:22 AM

again with the short shorts

Retem 04-05-07 02:33 AM

hide you liquor and your women but really I'm more interested in your liqour
me wearing my battle hat

eightdip 04-05-07 03:21 AM

studot 04-05-07 04:16 AM

mude 04-05-07 04:59 AM

eightdip 04-05-07 05:08 AM

Haha someones a bit private of themself

mude 04-05-07 05:09 AM

i look the exact same, except with facial hair

eightdip 04-05-07 05:16 AM


tmowery18 04-05-07 08:59 AM

how do you post pictures? do you have to host them on like photobucket first and then enter a direct link?

FitRider 921 04-05-07 10:56 AM

Hahaha. I <3 Mude.

Me when I had crutches.


East Hill 04-05-07 01:15 PM

Not one of my best photos and ignore the red hat. It's a very useful hat, that one. I know I posted this one before, it was in the most hated thread. Still have not gotten followup on the deer watching KinetikBiker...

Short. Red hair.

East Hill

Chris Gabriel 04-05-07 02:19 PM

KinetikBiker 04-05-07 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by East Hill
Still have not gotten followup on the deer watching KinetikBiker...

Haven't seen him lately, maybe since it's getting warmer he'll come back. I think i'm going to be there all day tomorrow because it's Spring Break so if he's there i'll snap a shot for you.


That's from October or November of this year. I look the same.

FitRider 921 04-05-07 02:39 PM

Haha, East Hill, that is one cool hat. Chris Gabriel, you look like a toothpick... how much do you weigh?

Chris Gabriel 04-05-07 03:27 PM

Like 140 but only because I'm tall.

FitRider 921 04-05-07 03:38 PM

Oh, okay, because you make me look fat.

DoshKel 04-05-07 04:29 PM

premiumbmx2005 04-05-07 07:02 PM


taken in the winter...if you cant tell

FitRider 921 04-05-07 07:03 PM

I actually like your picture Premium, good photography.

gnr rocker 04-06-07 12:28 AM

heres another

wethepeople 04-06-07 12:39 AM

Invincible *****es.

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