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tmowery18 04-08-07 11:27 PM

I'm going to go dream about my

that I will be getting on the 21st :).

FitRider 921 04-08-07 11:28 PM

I'm happy for you. Tell us all how it rides when you get it. Enjoy.

tmowery18 04-08-07 11:32 PM

Thanks, I am to. This will be the first thing I bought over $50 with money that I earned on my own. And it sucked earning it. I do dishes at a place called 3 stallion inn. I just recieved about 903741092347 e-mails from bike forums about my posts. Whay is this happening now? Ok goodnight

FitRider 921 04-08-07 11:37 PM

You probably have it to alert you on responses to posts in threads in which you post in. Just disable it if you don't want that.

tmowery18 04-09-07 12:44 PM

Change of plans. I'll be getting it on the 14th instead of the 21st. I'll be at work on the 14th though so that will suck.

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