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new_dharma 04-09-07 09:52 PM the BMX forum
almost like a soap opera:

"The Bold and the Banned"
"As the Banning Begins"
"General Banning"
"All My Banning"

East Hill 04-10-07 04:15 AM

Did someone get banned whilst I was gone? Now I'm really getting annoyed with the drug-addled fools who tried to steal the 300 pounds of copper wire my phone line was attached to...

East Hill

KinetikBiker 04-10-07 05:47 AM

East Hill go on with your story, it sound quite interesting...

I have a feeling the first few weeks with Fit as our new mod is going to be tough because people are going to test him and he's forced to be nicer and chane a bit. I think it'll smooth out soon. At least i hope.

East Hill 04-10-07 07:18 AM

Oh, it's not much of a story--it apparently didn't even make it into the Seattle Time or the PI. I'm thinking the local-every-three-days published newpaper will make mention of it though.

All I know is that Sunday morning I got home to have my husband tell me that the DSL is out. All right, we can go for a ride, and it should be back up. Nope. On the ride, we pass by a crew with three trucks down along the MUP. Does not look good. There's a HUGE bundle of cable looking quite useless lying in a ditch. Hm. We continue on the ride, part on the MUP, then off we go around the reservoir (we're on the mountain bikes). We go by the crew again. It's started to pour rain. The guys aren't doing much. I have this bad feeling.

We get home, nope, no DSL. I can't even get the dial-up down stairs to work. Uh-oh, this isn't looking good. Hours later, still no DSL.

It's 8.30 am on Monday. Still no DSL. That's all right, I can go for a ride. I go down the local MUP. I see one workman, sitting on a stool. He has an ENORMOUS bundle of wires, and he's testing one, then checking with someone on another radio...tests another...and so forth.

I ask cheerily "Uh, is this why my DSL isn't working?". "Yep, someone dug this ditch and tried to make off with the wire. They didn't get anywhere, but all the wires are cut, and we have to repair the whole thing."

Good thing I'm up for a long ride!

Finally got the DSL sometime later in the evening...

I know Fit can handle it! You guys aren't really all that bad, trust me. I've seen a lot worse.

East Hill

KinetikBiker 04-10-07 08:30 AM

Pardon my french but...who in the hell steals powerlines/phone line wires?!

Rival phone companys?

new_dharma 04-10-07 09:19 AM

the neighborhood i live in (and many of the older neighborhoods in Minneapolis) are starting to see owner-occupiers converting multiply-family houses back to single AND trying to restore the old houses. One of the features of the larger houses was copper downspouts! There were people (probably not the same bunch, but all doing the same thing) stealing the downspouts! Bunch of savages in this town!

East Hill 04-10-07 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by KinetikBiker
Pardon my french but...who in the hell steals powerlines/phone line wires?!

Rival phone companys?

Meth addicts. Here in Puget Sound they are stealing wire for the copper. That 300 pounds of copper represents about $900. Copper is trading for over $3.00 per pound. It's fueled by the rising demand of the Chinese market. Because of our location, it's easy for people to sell black market copper to Asian traders without anyone asking embarassing questions about the origin of the copper. Or, they can sell it to scrap metal dealers, although that venue is starting to have some restrictions put on it. The meth heads will steal copper and aluminium in particular. We've had one high school hit twice in the last few months, where the wiring for the football field lighting was stolen.

East Hill

mude 04-10-07 01:53 PM

so uhhh...who got banned?

new_dharma 04-10-07 01:59 PM

i don't think anyone did

mude 04-10-07 02:00 PM

this thread confuses me

new_dharma 04-10-07 02:03 PM

when i started it it seemed like there was drama starting...much like a soap opera

but like a soap, it was all pretty pointless (like this thread!)

mude 04-10-07 02:04 PM

oh, there will be drama.

East Hill 04-10-07 02:08 PM

Yes, but it's a good story about the copper wire. I wish I had thought to take the camera with me--it was classic watching that man holding a wire in one hand, testing it, then calling someone far away "Did that work?" or whatever he was saying. And he only had 2,999 more wires to go!

East Hill

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:14 PM

Yes, the problems going on are that people are trying to test me. The truth is, I like all of you guys, but the job makes me have to be nice to people, but also crack down hard on certain things. I don't care who you are- if you are an OG or not- if you step out of line, there will be concequences. So just do me a favor and just behave.

new_dharma 04-10-07 03:18 PM

you rock Fit!

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:20 PM

Thank you, thank you.

mude 04-10-07 03:29 PM

im not gonna lie, im not trying to test you,
i've just kinda lost all respect.

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:30 PM

Why would you lose respect for me? I'm doing my job- the same one you wanted to get.

mude 04-10-07 03:42 PM

not really wanted, if i really wanted it i would've done more then just saying somthing along the lines of "ps. i'll do it"

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:47 PM

Okay, so then how could you have possibly lost respect for me? Because I am an active member that also happens to be a mod. You don't have to treat me any differently (nobody does). You just have to respect my authority when the law is laid down.

mude 04-10-07 03:51 PM

hmmmmm, nope, cant say i respect you.

i'll treat you normally when you become normal again. i dont care about the little blue star next to your name. you've changed, so i've changed towards you.

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:52 PM

I have not changed at all besides becoming nicer to people (noobs). I'm not being cocky and power-hungry or anything else that a mod could do. I am just helping out. It's a job that I do for free. It's extra work. Don't give me such a hard time.

mude 04-10-07 03:55 PM

heres why i dont respect you.

you were the way you were because thats the way you were.

now your not who you were because of a blue little star on an internet forum.

couldnt really care less if i give you a hard time or not, im not planning on changing just because you have.

like i said before, "if its good enough for ex, its good enough for me"

FitRider 921 04-10-07 03:58 PM

I still am the way I am. I have not changed. If you have a problem with me, you can take it up with me, or you can complain to Expat.

sprintcarblue 04-10-07 03:59 PM

OOOOOOO! Sheee baNg.

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