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mude 04-20-07 01:25 PM

the impossible quiz
this game is absolutely ridiculously hard
after a few hours of trying i've made it to questoin 78

cwt341 04-20-07 01:31 PM

why would you waste your time doing that

hockeyteeth 04-20-07 02:08 PM

Originally Posted by cwt341
why would you waste your time doing that

I'm about to try it right now, haha.

hockeyteeth 04-20-07 02:46 PM

I just got to question fourty two. There's no way I'm wasting any more time trying to figure that one out. That's just stupid.

MadMan2k 04-20-07 04:13 PM

Got to about 50, what a waste of time.

FitRider 921 04-20-07 09:08 PM

Most random and pointless thing ever.

KinetikBiker 04-21-07 05:43 AM

Man you must have been bored.

mude 04-21-07 07:22 AM

sooooooo hard.

mude 04-21-07 07:23 AM

Originally Posted by MadMan2k
Got to about 50, what a waste of time.

on the first try?

its weird because all the questions actually have some sort of logic

MadMan2k 04-21-07 10:07 AM

No, far from it. Considering you have to guess so many, I averaged maybe one level per game over.

minichamp31 04-21-07 10:11 AM

I treid it a whole bunch of times and I only got to about level 32.

RyanBMX 04-21-07 02:42 PM

how do you get past qusetion 18? The one with the clock that says stop

hockeyteeth 04-21-07 06:13 PM

You click on the hammer. It's supposed to be like MC Hammer's "Stop. It's Hammer Time!"

hockeyteeth 04-21-07 06:15 PM

Originally Posted by mude
on the first try?

its weird because all the questions actually have some sort of logic

Logic, my ass. "What flavor is cardboard? Answer: Egg mayonnaise." "Would you like to save this file? Answer: Bran." That's absolutely ********. And there was one question which forces you to just watch cows walk across the screen. That game was horrible.

MadMan2k 04-21-07 06:34 PM

Those were elephants, and they don't like mice, it said so in the question.

mude 04-22-07 08:07 AM

alright, about 80% of them had logic. the rest were ridiuclous.

so far im at 81, rumor has it there are 110.

mude 04-22-07 08:34 AM


KinetikBiker 04-22-07 12:09 PM

I might add i didn't have enough patience for the whole thing to load, i just figured it was lame.

eightdip 04-22-07 02:20 PM

Thats pretty hard, i can't even get past like q. 20 or something

F.T.W 04-26-07 09:19 PM

what the hell do you do for 15!?

hockeyteeth 04-26-07 09:53 PM

You spell "HORSE".

KinetikBiker 04-27-07 01:09 PM

At this rate it really will be impossible. It's taking forever to load. I'm about to give up i have no patience.

eightdip 04-27-07 03:57 PM

It is now officially my fave quiz of all. It's like memory combined with logic. I can get to about q.90 something now

mude 04-27-07 05:21 PM

i've gotten to 87

KinetikBiker 04-27-07 08:23 PM


Took me like 30 minutes hahaha.

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