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mathblaster 04-23-07 11:44 AM

best brakes...
I need to throw some brakes on my bike so I can start riding trails again. Just looking for opinions on the best brakes. Probably gonna get Fly brakes, but was maybe thinking about demolition.

bikerguy45 04-23-07 12:28 PM

I like to use the DIATECH FIESTA 996 U-BRAKE

FitRider 921 04-23-07 12:36 PM

If you want the best, go with Fly or Revenge- I would trust those way more than I would trust Demolition brakes.

eightdip 04-23-07 12:56 PM

Fly brakes. They are amazing. Make sure you get the brake for their respective locations i.e seatstay or chainstay brake.

FuzzyRyder 04-23-07 04:34 PM

Evo II's, fly's, or 990's

wethepeople 04-23-07 04:37 PM

I'd be using fly's if I wasn't so cheap, but the Odyssey Evolvers work pretty good.

KinetikBiker 04-23-07 05:41 PM

Originally Posted by FuzzyRyder
Evo II's, fly's, or 990's

In that order. Except Hombre's before 990's.

FuzzyRyder 04-23-07 09:53 PM

No way. 990's are better then hombres

eightdip 04-24-07 01:34 PM

And fly's are better than evo's

FuzzyRyder 04-24-07 02:44 PM

Not really if you consider the price. The evo II's I'm sure stop just as well and are half the price.

eightdip 04-24-07 03:26 PM

You obviously haven't ridden a fly brake

FuzzyRyder 04-24-07 03:54 PM

Yes I have acctually, and both the versions of the evolvers. They didnt feel any different to me in terms of stopping power, and to me the huge price difference isnt worth going with the flys.

KinetikBiker 04-24-07 04:41 PM

I'd get Evo 2's over Fly's anyday. Unless of course the Flys were free and the Odyssey's weren't.

FitRider 921 04-24-07 05:35 PM

You are just Odyssey-obsessed.

FuzzyRyder 04-24-07 09:43 PM

No reason not to be. Probly the best and most inovative parts company out.

cwt341 04-25-07 05:50 AM

shoot, when i rode brakes i rode like some tecktro U brake. i think thats what they were

KinetikBiker 04-25-07 09:25 AM

Originally Posted by FitRider 921
You are just Odyssey-obsessed.

No not really. I don't like/want/have their stems, cassettes, seats, posts, grips, and levers. But they do have some awesome rims, forks, tires and brakes.

FitRider 921 04-25-07 01:06 PM

Originally Posted by FuzzyRyder
No reason not to be. Probly the best and most inovative parts company out.

I didn't say there was a problem with it. I like Odyssey products. I wouldn't ride any other custom wheel without an Odyssey sticker on it (or G-Sport).

mude 04-25-07 04:28 PM

flys, ody, 990's

I_Suck_At_BMX 04-25-07 04:33 PM

no brakes

IeatRice4dinner 04-25-07 09:06 PM

a brake is only as good as the last mechanic that touched it

mude 04-26-07 12:35 PM

he makes a solid point

cwt341 04-26-07 01:20 PM

yea that is a good point

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