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razz04 05-09-07 01:47 PM

salvageable bike? or buy new one
hey I was wondering if someone could tell me if this frame would be any good. It was my cousins old bike before he got deported. :roflmao:

Im lookin to build up a freestyle bike little by little as i learn more, and was wondering if this frame could be used.

Or would i be better off buying a newer freestyle bmx bike and building up from there?

if the bike/frame isn't salvagaeble can you suggest a good starter bmx freestyle bike easily findable in local bike shops?

Fitbmx3 05-09-07 02:08 PM

I'd get a new bike. but thats just me. you can a DK CINCINNATI for 240, its a nice bike

FitRider 921 05-09-07 02:11 PM

That bike really doesn't look too good. Also, please use proper spelling and grammar because it makes everyones' lives a whole lot easier.

razz04 05-09-07 02:36 PM

dk cinncinati, ill check it out any other opinions?

FitRider 921 05-09-07 03:01 PM

DK Six Pack. It's the best complete bike for about $300 out.

Fitbmx3 05-09-07 04:07 PM

Ya dk six pack is a good bike, thats what i bought and upgraded.

minichamp31 05-09-07 04:08 PM

Originally Posted by Fitbmx3
Ya dk six pack is a good bike, thats what i bought and upgraded.

What did you get for it?

FitRider 921 05-09-07 04:27 PM

Fit, please try to use proper spelling and grammar. I like your username, by the way.

razz04 05-09-07 05:11 PM

edited to the best of my grammatical abilities

mude 05-09-07 05:13 PM

i thought you wanted a feestyle bike?

razz04 05-09-07 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by mude
i thought you wanted a feestyle bike?


my bad scratch that :D, im still learning :o

gnr rocker 05-09-07 06:22 PM

wrap is the b est begginer bike imo.

FitRider 921 05-09-07 06:25 PM

Wrap and Six Pack would be my two picks.

wethepeople 05-09-07 08:28 PM

Holy ****, a Fishbone...

premiumbmx2005 05-09-07 09:04 PM

baaaahahaha, fishbone. what a joke.

KinetikBiker 05-10-07 06:59 AM

That's not salvageable as you would say.

Definatley get a new bike if you are going to seriously get into bmx. DK Six pack will meet your needs and it's pretty strong and affordable.

If you have a local shop around you go in and see if they can order you the DK, if not then go to

eightdip 05-11-07 09:13 AM

Haha I didn't even notice it was a fishbone, has anyone ever seen that fishbone 0mm reach flatland stem? It's a complete joke

Brian 05-12-07 05:45 PM

The Comp IIIs look like they might be usable, the rest, not so much.

KinetikBiker 05-13-07 09:50 AM

Originally Posted by Brian
The Comp IIIs look like they might be usable, the rest, not so much.

I had a trusty Comp III up front for awhile, it was too skinny and wore down real fast. But it was great while it lasted, just i'm too broke to go through tires that fast.

razz04 05-13-07 10:54 AM

haha, i found this bike @ my cousins house.

is fishbone a a ****ty brand or something? :|:p

eightdip 05-13-07 10:59 AM


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