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iWTP 05-12-07 07:57 PM

thanks guys
Hey this is IrideSTOLEN but since I got a new bike I had to get a new name haha.

anyways. Thank you for the advice. I just got my new bike a WeThePeople Bold and I already love it..

I lowered the seat, took off the front brake, and tomarrow I'm getting dirt tires. I have pics its stock now but i still think its sick.

cwt341 05-12-07 08:07 PM

nice bike

FitRider 921 05-12-07 09:48 PM

You didn't have to create a new username...

wethepeople 05-12-07 11:25 PM

I guess my PM was a bit late, but whatever.

eightdip 05-13-07 05:01 AM

I've never even heard of iridestolen

KinetikBiker 05-13-07 09:49 AM

Nice bike. But i hope you realized a PM to Expat or Fitrider could have gotten you your new username without having to re-register and lose your post count...

FitRider 921 05-13-07 09:51 AM

Expat can do that. I can not. Also, post count is not everything.

new_dharma 05-13-07 10:05 AM

Originally Posted by FitRider 921
post count is not everything.

yea...quality vs quantity

who am i kidding...i have neither!

FitRider 921 05-13-07 10:06 AM

Haha. I've cut back on my meaningless posts... I think. I haven't said "word" in a long time either.

eightdip 05-13-07 10:15 AM

Originally Posted by FitRider 921
Also, post count is not everything.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no way did that just come from you

FitRider 921 05-13-07 10:16 AM

Yes, it definitely did. I don't care about post count and have not looked at in quite some time. Just because you have a lot of posts doesn't mean you have shared a lot of information. I do however enjoy being a big part of these forums.

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