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spinna001 05-24-07 10:54 AM

GT compe 2006 your opinion
hi guyz as you can see this is my first post. i am 23 years old and i havent rode in almost 10 years, so to get back in the game i bought a 2006 gt compe is this :rolleyes: a reliable bike?? for street, and flatland

FitRider 921 05-24-07 01:33 PM

Well, please use proper spelling and grammar. Also, it's really not such a great bike but it might keep you happy for a while.

minichamp31 05-24-07 01:35 PM

It's not a great bike but it's ok. Some of the parts are Hi-tensile steel which isn't as strong as chromoly.

FuzzyRyder 05-24-07 02:26 PM

The frame is a pile of ****. My buddy destroyed one in less then 3 weeks, and I told him it would happen.

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