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KinetikBiker 05-30-07 10:42 AM

I'm sorry to inform you all...
That i got these stupid rubber bands that i have to wear in my braces for awhile. So no more funny faces like this while i'm riding, because it's too hard:

Sweet. Except for the fact that they look stupid and i have to take them out to eat and change them every morning. I hate my crooked teeth and the genetics that got me them.

Just thought you all should know.

EDIT: That photo was taken by my friend Andrew Bare. His website doesn't exactly work right now, but that's beside the point.

East Hill 05-30-07 10:48 AM

Why do you get the rubber bands now? And for how long?

I'll miss the faces :D . The above photo is a classic!

East Hill

FitRider 921 05-30-07 10:56 AM

Haha. That sucks. I only had to wear rubber bands before I got braces. I now have a retainer, but I only wear it at night. I'm still not quite happy with my teeth, but I guess there's only so much you can do.

MadMan2k 05-30-07 02:37 PM

My bottom teeth aren't straight, but they don't hurt or make it harder to eat, so I don't care. Sucks you have to go through all that crap.

premiumbmx2005 05-30-07 05:40 PM

my teeth were pretty ****ed. but theyre all good now. 3 more months and theyre off.

eightdip 05-30-07 05:44 PM

No braces for me full stop. My teeth are alright, the dentist gave me the choice to perfect my teeth but I don't want perfect teeth

minichamp31 05-30-07 05:59 PM

I have a pretty big nice gap between my two top front teeth and the ones next to them.

mude 05-30-07 06:29 PM

the rubber's strike again!!!!!!!

KinetikBiker 05-31-07 06:53 AM

Yeah this crap sucks. I woke up this morning wanting to eat cereal, but my teeth were too sore. So i took half a bottle of tylenol and had an orange. Rad!

FitRider 921 05-31-07 12:53 PM

Haha. I remember those days.

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