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Jasfirenz 06-04-07 10:14 PM

Mongoose Pro Class Old School wheel HELP
Hi all, i have just purchased an old school Mongoose Pro Class.
Being that i want it kept original, i have also purchased separately the old school rims (The ones with holes in between the spokes.)
My question is, as the rims are just that, rims, what do you run around the inside to stop the tube pushing into the holes?
From memory the holes were all covered with something that was shiny and Black.
Any help would be appreciated!

cwt341 06-05-07 05:25 AM

They actually make like a Black tape looking deal that you can put in there. you can run some duck tape along there to.

wds178 06-05-07 07:30 AM

Wrong holes cwt. The old shool pro class rims had larger holes inbetween the spokes (Think Fly rims).
Mongoose had special aluminum strips that went around the rim to prevent the tube from going through (unlike Flys, they were single-wall). You could swap these strips out to change color.
You'll need to track down a set of those. Try eBay.

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