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pyro1kng29 06-11-07 06:28 PM

Need Help Quick
hi guys i need some help i have a dk eight pack i took off the old brake cable but now i dont know how to get the new one on can someone please tell me how or help me it will greatly be appreciated thanks

Fed3ral 06-11-07 06:56 PM

Should have payed more attention on how you took your old one off. There should be one end that has a cylinder shaped piece of metal [?] and another end the has nothing.

The end with the cylinder deal goes into your brake lever, and if you have any common sense whatsoever, you'll be able to figure out how it goes in there. The end that has nothing goes to the back where there should be a v shaped [caveman language] thing that has a hole just big enough for the end of the cable to go through.

Slide it in there, and tighten the bolt on top. The two hooks on both ends of the v shaped thing then hook on to the looped cable that is hooked directly to your brakes [sorry if this is nothing like your brake setup, I didn't look the bike up and don't have much prior knowledge to Eight Packs]. Then, adjust your brakes the way you like them.

If I didn't help at all and your totally clueless, bring it down to a local bike shop or someone that knows their right hand from their left.

minichamp31 06-11-07 07:11 PM

Oh yeah, use good grammar Pyrokng.

Smoothrecluse 06-11-07 07:28 PM

Go to Dan' and click on the Faqs/Tech tab at the top... then click on the Brake image.

Fed3ral 06-11-07 07:37 PM

Yea, my explanation sucked. FAQ's..FTW.

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