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wethepeople 04-03-08 09:07 PM

Crappy pic, but it's all done. Just need to get a chain breaker so I can put my new chain on.

fuzzbox 04-03-08 09:22 PM

new forks and made the frame raw?

wethepeople 04-03-08 09:25 PM

New frame and forks.

I'll do a bike check when I get good photo's.

EDIT: I also got plegs, but I have to do some playing around to get them to work with my front hub.

FitRider 921 04-04-08 08:54 PM

I want plegs. I haven't gotten a chance to ride anyway, but I want them.

wethepeople 04-04-08 10:32 PM

I love them.

minichamp31 04-06-08 10:54 AM

Do they wear fast or not? I remembered that was one thing you guys were talking about.

abowler10154 04-06-08 06:45 PM

What are plegs...?

FitRider 921 04-06-08 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by minichamp31 (Post 6470682)
Do they wear fast or not? I remembered that was one thing you guys were talking about.

They wear down fast at first, but then they are fine.

bmx2478 04-06-08 08:35 PM

I'm guessing it depends on what you use them for aswell.
For example, if you only use them at the skatepark they should last alot longer.
Heavy street use and cement ledges would rip through them pretty quick though I would imagine.

FuzzyRyder 04-07-08 12:14 AM

5 Attachment(s)
check it, new paint on the bikeeee

FitRider 921 04-07-08 05:59 PM

That is a sweet bike.

Also, plegs really don't wear down as fast as you would think.

live4muzic2 04-07-08 08:58 PM

Nice bike,but it looks funky.

FuzzyRyder 04-07-08 09:06 PM

that is kinda the idea

live4muzic2 04-07-08 10:21 PM

My seat has a light.

FuzzyRyder 04-07-08 10:24 PM

that is ********.

chicagotypewrit 04-08-08 04:33 PM

wethepeople i dont know if you mentioned it already but what frame is that? im still waiting for fly to get a distributor so i can order my tierra

FuzzyRyder 04-08-08 04:44 PM

fly sucks

bmx2478 04-08-08 05:23 PM

You suck!
Fly Mosca FTW!

minichamp31 04-08-08 07:35 PM

I love your spokes Fuzzy. And your whole bike itself is really cool looking.

abowler10154 04-09-08 04:25 AM

Your bike looks crazy fuzzy and those rims go perfectly with it.

chicagotypewrit 04-09-08 01:56 PM

i dont see how fly sucks but your entitled to your opinion. ive had my fly mosca for about four years now and still nothing wrong with it.

FuzzyRyder 04-09-08 09:59 PM

everything they make breaks, except the tires. i can't even count how many fly frames and cranks i've seen crack, or snap.

chicagotypewrit 04-10-08 12:13 PM

i have never seen a fly fame crack but i know the cranks use to crack but never anything else. what are these people doin roof drops with dents in there frames?

FuzzyRyder 04-10-08 07:16 PM

no, they just crack cause they suck.

live4muzic2 04-10-08 10:04 PM

My brakes own.

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