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100psi 05-29-08 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by DKfix (Post 6774081)
I'm in my 40s and this is my favorite toy. Sadly, I can't do all the crazy ***** that you kids do. But, hey at least it keeps me fit. I'm not falling to pieces like everyone I know that's in their 40s!

In your 40's and still rockin' the 20in?? And a dialed one no less. NICE! Keep shinin'.

btw, you're never too old to learn a few new tricks! There are a some old dudes that still occasionally shred the parks and trails in the ATX. Some are pushin' 50. Wether on a bmx or a skateboard, It's a thing to see!

Street rider 05-31-08 08:17 AM

hahaha my dads 43 and one time he tried to ride my bike. its really funny to see cause i have the seat slammed so it wont get in my way, and my dad rides a road bike, so he tried to sit down for a while. it was good for a few laughs haha.

jwhit75 06-04-08 09:34 AM

i hope this is the right place. 1996 schwinn predator i think its all original.

jwhit75 06-04-08 09:36 AM

got this one to share as well. 1996 Diamondback Reactor

fuzzbox 06-04-08 02:27 PM

You should put the pics under eachother not side by side so it is easier to look at.

jwhit75 06-05-08 04:45 AM

i tried.sorry

Punx 06-07-08 03:11 PM

To the guy that has the Eastern Element which is 2007. How do you like it, i am getting the same one pretty soon and doing almost the same upgrades. I am getting new seatpost, seat, grips, and making it brakeless. I hate gyro.

Also to the 24 year old person that lives in California. I live in California too and there are tracks every here North or South Cali.

minichamp31 06-08-08 09:40 AM

Yeah, California is ABA country. I don't know how there are no tracks around you.

jwhit75 06-08-08 10:14 AM

1989 Rallye

FuzzyRyder 06-09-08 08:44 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Figured I'd throw some better pictures up. And a parts list since I haven't in a while.

Frame: Fit Flow (2006?)
Fork: Odyssey Race
Bars: Fit Nothwests
Grips: ODI longnecks
Stem: Ody Elementary
Headset: FSA
Seat: Ody Senior
Post: Fit I-beam
Clamp: Hoffman
Crank: Stock Flow crank w/ Mutiny mid bb
Pedals: Ody Jim C's
Sprocket: Ody MDS 28t
Chain KMC
Tires: Rueben front + rear
Hub guards: G-sport gland 3's
Pegs: Fit dual material.
Front: Sun Street light laced to Ody Vandero
Rear: Sun street light laced to Ody cassette, 10t driver
Skull valve caps.

Rockstarex2 06-13-08 07:12 PM

6 Attachment(s)
2006 Rockstar ex2. Save the negative comments i have heared them all. This is what i have this is what i ride. It workes for what i do. It's all stock but i am hoping to get a set of Eastern 720 cranks soon.

FuzzyRyder 06-13-08 07:18 PM

stay away from eastern. get profiles or something else

Rockstarex2 06-13-08 07:36 PM

What's so bad about Eastern?

Rockstarex2 06-13-08 07:43 PM

The Eastern's fit my budget and they have to be better than what's on it now. I have a sprocket side spindel bolt that stripped for no reason. I didn't even have it apart.

fuzzbox 06-14-08 01:35 AM

How would you know it is stripped then?

Rockstarex2 06-14-08 09:53 AM

Because the bolt backed out on me. I looked at it and it was stripped on the end about 1/4 inch.

Rockstarex2 06-15-08 07:51 PM

Redline flight cranks and eastern pro BB on the way.

eightdip 06-16-08 01:19 AM

woooo prooo

Rockstarex2 06-16-08 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by eightdip (Post 6888955)
woooo prooo

your just jealous...

bmx2478 06-16-08 04:50 PM

I don't think he is.

Rockstarex2 06-16-08 04:54 PM

It's a joke haha

eightdip 06-17-08 02:05 PM


live4muzic2 06-18-08 03:13 PM

pshh. Device

NJ Jersey Fresh 06-23-08 01:19 PM

Slam bars painted and on Pitchforks being painted...

FuzzyRyder 06-23-08 01:26 PM

looks ballinnnn

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