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NJ Jersey Fresh 07-03-08 10:54 PM

the bike is not black... i dont know what color to call it... more like a smoke.

Street rider 07-06-08 06:47 PM

it still looks dope. especially with all the red in there. just take all the stickers except for the downtube one off.

fuzzbox 07-08-08 03:56 PM

If you grind the red will wear off so why bother?

The Evil One 07-09-08 08:21 PM

The ole man gets a BMX
While out searchin for older bike parts for restorations I'm doin, I came across this one. Regular 20" just dont cut it and I'm lookin to relive tha speed and ease I had in the younger years, lol... My Goose mtn bike is just not as fun to cruise on and sits me too high, the BMX just feels closer, and more comftorable to cruise around on. Not lookin to race, just cruise and maybe do some desert trails... Start rippin on her, I already yanked the reflectors, more than likely the heat gun will be comin out and strip all the decals off, will be repaintin the brake lever and the v-brake to an alien green color, then do some new decals or possibly airbrush some graphic on it. I may look to go to a 3 piece crank set if I can find something reasonable and sturdy, not lookin to spend $300 on a bike I got or $60. I'm looking for a new seat, probably carbon fiber, just cause it looks cool, not worried about weight, but the red striped plastic one has to go. I'm also looking for suggestions, It's currently running 41/17 but I seem to be over peddling and just spinning, I've been told to try a 42 to slow the peddling rate down. Well like I said, just an old man, 42, lol out for some solid cruizin around...

Diamondback Assault T24

ascend 07-09-08 09:36 PM

What's with the valve cap? It looks like it's jumping out of the picture; I keep seeing it out the corner of my eye and thinking it's the mouse cursor or something

fuzzbox 07-09-08 11:17 PM

Where in AZ are you?

FuzzyRyder 07-10-08 01:51 PM

primo xb, im getting one too!

The Evil One 07-10-08 04:17 PM

Thanx guys, the valve caps are Iron Crosses, have a a few diff ones, but the black went best. NW Tucson fuzzbox, U ?

FuzzyRyder 07-10-08 04:50 PM

bring the bars back and lower the seat.

The Evil One 07-11-08 07:23 PM

You are obviously not 42 or close, lol, the seat is there in case I do sit while coasting and the bars may get brought back, I'm looking for an offset seat post to get me a lil further back if I need it. Still trying to find a reasonably priced 3 pc crank set too.

FuzzyRyder 07-11-08 08:20 PM

42 or not that seat is way to high to do anything other then commute on it, and your steering is going to feel like garbage with your bars at that angle. Also, most 3 peice cranksets are pretty afordable right now. theres fit sealed cranks for like $100, even a good set of profiles wont set you back more then 150

The Evil One 07-11-08 09:05 PM

Advice taken, and I'll try a few diff angles on the bars. The local shop has a set of profiles for 190 dont remember the model but complete cept for the chain gear and pedals.

FuzzyRyder 07-11-08 10:32 PM

yeah its a crank, you can order them online alot cheaper then that even.

minichamp31 07-11-08 10:34 PM

Yeah, I got my Profiles with the Hop-up Kit for cheaper than that.

midschool22 07-11-08 11:05 PM

I scored this retro 2006 Haro Sport last week. I changed out the stock wheels with Peregrine Super Pro 48's and the sliver Haro pedals with some black DX type ones.

Feels like 1988 again...

Punx 07-12-08 10:15 AM

That looks pretty cool. I like the color. I just don't like the frame.

minichamp31 07-12-08 11:08 AM

The whole point of the frame is so it looks vintage.

Punx 07-12-08 12:56 PM

Oh yeah lol.
I don't like it though.
I like the cranks.

FuzzyRyder 07-12-08 01:38 PM

Dope, I remember my LBS had a few of those.

ascend 07-12-08 07:19 PM

There's a lot of retro ones coming out the last few years, haven't seen anyone riding them though. One of the shops near me had the PK Ripper and a couple of Quadangle retro models last time I was there.

FuzzyRyder 07-12-08 07:20 PM

my shop has one of the DC replica pk rippers on display, not for sale though, but soooo sweet!

minichamp31 07-13-08 10:56 AM

Yeah, those DC PK Rippers are sickk. The new PK Rippers are pretty nice too.

live4muzic2 07-16-08 07:43 AM

I like looking at my step dads vintage. Torker.

NJ Jersey Fresh 07-16-08 10:34 AM

nice but i like the nice row of tool chests :drool:

midschool22 07-16-08 10:36 AM

Put on a set of Wombolt's and a Animal spocket.

Almost done...

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