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minichamp31 08-14-09 08:27 PM

There's so much blue. I love the chrome Twombolts though.

Ryan k. 08-14-09 10:24 PM

Well got my odyssey forks in, rawed my stem and cranks, have a green animal clamp know snapped my purple one, and my bars are 1/4 raw, with some specs of pink on them lol. take a look.

minichamp31 08-15-09 07:36 PM

Looks pretty good. Make sure you clearcoat that raw stuff or it'll rust in the matter of days.

Ryan k. 08-15-09 09:18 PM

ya i havent clear coated it yet, the cranks have been raw forever and they're fine lol.

eight pack 08-17-09 08:08 PM

bike check
frame- sunday 2nd wave
fork- sunday morning 2.1
bars- hoffman fatfree
stem- fit dlr
grips- odi
cranks- flows
chain- shadow
sprocket- fit dl
back wheel- primo
front wheel- fit flow
seat- duo rogue status
post- volume
pedals- fit pc

fuzzbox 08-17-09 11:45 PM

Your chain is backwards.

Ryan k. 08-17-09 11:48 PM

looks sick, would look way better with a chrome front wheel though.

eight pack 08-18-09 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by fuzzbox (Post 9507731)
Your chain is backwards.

it really doesnt matter. i didnt put it on.

minichamp31 08-21-09 05:56 AM

That thing is hot.

MY26INCHCRUISER 08-22-09 01:03 PM

How do you like that sunday frame.
I have been buying my parts for another build.
I was thinking about the Funday or the 2nd wave

midschool22 08-23-09 06:58 PM

OK. My park bike is finally done. This is version 3.

2007 Mirraco Blend LTD
Haro fork (not sure which model, I wanted 990 mounts)
ODI Longneck grips
Odyssey Monolever medium
Standard Strip bars (the 6pc version)
KHE Minimalism stem
Impact h-set
Suelo front brake
Fly back brakes
Animal Hamilton pc's
Odyssey Wombolts
Animal Vinnie lite sprocket
Shadow chain
Mirraco pivotal seat / post
Profile Slim Jim clamp
Odyssey Hazzard Lite 48's front wheel
Odyssey Hazzard Lite V3 48's rear wheel
KHE park 1.9 tires
G-Sport plegs

27 pounds.

Time to ride some mini-ramp...

Street rider 08-23-09 08:07 PM

daaaaaaaaaaaang bro. slick.

minichamp31 08-24-09 10:05 AM

I wouldn't think that would weigh 27 pounds. But it's sickkkkk.

midschool22 08-24-09 12:23 PM

Thanks guys. I didn't think it was 27 either. Before the rebuild, it was at 30.

I took it to the park today. I didn't realize how quiet those plegs are. Had fun cruising around and trying to re-learn stuff from over a decade ago.

Kodyo 08-30-09 11:29 PM

not 100% up to date, but i liked the picture, and haven't taken another recently

FRAME: 2009 Kink lost Dutchman
FORK: Fly tierra (Not pictured)
HANDLEBAR: S&M slam xlt
GRIPS: Animal edwins
STEM: S&M Rednexk xlt (not pictured)
HEADSET: Kink integrated
REAR BRAKE: stock tektro with Diatech 77 lever
CRANKS: Primo Powerbites
PEDALS: Odyssey JC AL/unsealed
SPROCKET: Animal 36T V2 lite 6061 aluminum
CHAIN: unknown kmc
FRONT wheel: Ody Vandero 2 (Not pictured)
BACK wheel: chrome Odyssey hazard lite with removable cog (12T)
SEAT: Kink slim pivotal
POST: animal
TIRES: 2x Animal GLH-R (Not Pictured)
MODS: cut down bars, .45 shell valve covers, all the red accents are painted by me (spacers, compression spacer, seat post, pedal ends)

minichamp31 08-31-09 06:45 AM

Nice bicycle.

minichamp31 08-31-09 10:12 PM

Hey Kodyo you're on BMX-F too.

minichamp31 08-31-09 10:15 PM

Kodyo 09-01-09 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by minichamp31 (Post 9592314)
Hey Kodyo you're on BMX-F too.

Yep, I just got on here mainly to ask something about a road bike, and decided i would try to add to the bmx discussion here as well.

I recognize the bike, I was super surprised you had a GT frame, because it didn't look like it till i took a closer look

minichamp31 09-01-09 10:48 AM

Yeah it's a GT frame. It also weighs 8 pounds. Haha. I can't wait until probably this Christmas to get a new frame.

Kodyo 09-01-09 02:32 PM

Yeah, I had a Stock DK General lee frame (actually, i rebuilt it after i upgraded all of the parts on my bike) that weighed like 7 pounds. It's incredible how much you notice things like that. The whole bike is a tank.

bmxkidinTexas 09-02-09 04:14 PM

Ill give this a shot, im just getting back into bmx after i took a few years off to get back into skateboarding(i missed the feeling of just coasting through a parking lot with no hands on the handle bars)

so heres mine, i got it from a friend so i know nothing about it.

My friend just gave it to me so i really dont care whats on it, it works for me, and being over 6' tall your options kinda slim down quite a bit as to whats available.

mtbabruni 09-02-09 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by bmxkidinTexas (Post 9602978)
My friend just gave it to me so i really dont care whats on it, it works for me, and being over 6' tall your options kinda slim down quite a bit as to whats available.

Im 6'2 and ride at 20.5 - 21 inch frame?

bmxkidinTexas 09-02-09 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by mtbabruni (Post 9603432)
Im 6'2 and ride at 20.5 - 21 inch frame?

I'm 6' 5", i can still ride a 20" but i look awfully funny doing it :lol:

I would rather look funny doing some awesome flatland tricks than sitting on a bench saying, look at that guy go! tbbh :D

bmxkidinTexas 09-02-09 08:25 PM

I did weigh it today and its just under thirty pounds though :D

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