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gnr rocker 06-25-07 04:15 PM

aim chat
tonight, 9:30-10:30.

post you aims and i'll invite you in.

MadMan2k 06-25-07 04:47 PM

9:30 what time zone?


gnr rocker 06-25-07 04:49 PM


cwt341 06-25-07 04:53 PM

ill give u mine if im on at that time im sure i will but i might be goin out tonight with the girl..not sure yet

KinetikBiker 06-25-07 05:01 PM

I probly wont be home.

But if i am, you already have my aim.

minichamp31 06-25-07 07:23 PM


I might or might not be on. 10:30 ET is 9:30 CT right?

cwt341 06-25-07 07:27 PM

yes minichamp

cwt341 06-25-07 07:28 PM

GNr whats your aim so we can just like hit you up if we are one

gnr rocker 06-25-07 07:35 PM

emp1r3pbdud3, it's happening now. alot of people from bg

gnr rocker 06-25-07 07:38 PM

it's title is bmx

minichamp31 06-25-07 08:02 PM

hey gnr, start a different one with just bikeforum guys

MadMan2k 06-25-07 08:04 PM

Can you add me to it? I don't think I can just join

gnr rocker 06-25-07 08:07 PM

NTFSSucks? is that your aim

KinetikBiker 06-26-07 07:17 AM

How about another one tonight? Same time.

I will actually be home this time, holla at me!

MadMan2k 06-26-07 09:38 AM

I'm down.

Minichamp, did you ever score in that game? I got her to have some wine topless, but then she put it back on and it kept breaking.

gnr rocker 06-26-07 11:03 AM

the chat was pretty sick

FitRider 921 06-26-07 11:13 AM

That game is cool, so far, I got up to eating dinner with her... but I ate too much.

gnr rocker 06-26-07 11:38 AM

haha, fatty

killahax 06-26-07 12:51 PM

aim= Scgod66

FitRider 921 06-26-07 01:50 PM

I keep getting far, but things are getting messed up. I got her to get undressed, but she then got too drunk and passed out. This game is actually interesting.

gnr rocker 06-26-07 02:02 PM

1 - click her body to enter the house

2 - click the book on the right to say something funny

3 - click her eyes to compliment her eyes

4 - click HER right cheek to kiss her cheek

5 - click the left side of the room to go somewhere else

6 - click the kitchen

7 - click the fridge to get steaks for dinner

8 - click the bottle of wine on the left

9 - click on the grill to wait for the steaks

10 - click her wine glass

11 - click her plate

12 - click her wine glass

13 - click her face to talk to her

14 - click her chest to compliment her

15 - click anywhere to go somewhere else

16 - click her jeep on the right side

17 - click her jeep again to go for a drive

18 - click the gas station on the right to get gas

19 - click the pumps on the left to fill up

20 - click anywhere to hit the road

21 - click the left side to go to the outskirts of town

22 - click straight ahead to continue to lookout point

23 - click anywhere to get out of the jeep

24 - click anywhere to enjoy the view

25 - click anywhere to ask to take her picture

26 - click her to take a snapshot

27 - click her body to ask her to take a modeling pose

28 - click her face to compliment her

29 - click her chest to ask for a sexier pose

30 - click her face to compliment her

31 - click her chest to ask her to pose topless

32 - click her face to compliment her

33 - click her body to ask her to be less modest

34 - click her face to compliment her

35 - click her pants to ask her to take them off

36 - click the back of her head to compliment her

37 - click her **** to ask her to pose in her underwear

38 - click her face to compliment her

39 - click her body to ask her to pose

40 - click her face to compliment her

41 - click her chest to make her feel comfortable

42 - click her face to compliment her

43 - click her body to ask her to pose on the car

44 - click her face to compliment her

45 - click her body to ask for something more erotic

46 - click her face to compliment her

47 - click her body to ask for backside n00dz

48 - click her face to compliment her

49 - click her ass to ask for a boob shot

50 - click her face to compliment her

51 - click her boobs to ask her to touch her ladymeat

52 - click her face to say there's only one picture left

53 - click her ladymeat to take your pants off

54 - click her face to compliment

MadMan2k 06-26-07 03:19 PM

I got her to go skinnydipping, then took off my shorts, but she wasn't psyched when I went for it.

FitRider 921 06-26-07 03:48 PM

I always got her too drunk.

KinetikBiker 06-26-07 06:51 PM

Gnr - You would type that whole thing up. Loser.

minichamp31 06-26-07 07:10 PM

Yeah. It works though.

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