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Grinchvr6 07-02-07 06:40 PM

Yes Im new, and I have searched. I need assistance.
Hey all!

I used to ride about 15 years ago. Back then I had a nice Haro and a GT Performer. Now I have a son, and would like to get back into riding. I would use it mainly for street, and a little dirt and vert. I would like to get a "complete" bike, but I would like to keep my limit at $350.00.

Ive read through alot of posts, and popular vote seems to go to the DK Six Pack. Is this the best bang for your buck bike? I recently came across an 03 Haro F3 for 150.00...seems like a good deal, but still a little unsure about it. TIA. Tim

FitRider 921 07-02-07 07:02 PM

If I were you, I would go ahead and spend the extra $200 for the DK Six Pack. The money spent will be well worth it. Are you going to be riding, or is your son going to be riding?

Grinchvr6 07-02-07 07:40 PM

The bike will be for me...My son is 4 and he is just learning to ride, so I want to get something to ride with them...but I want to really get serious about it again.

FitRider 921 07-02-07 07:46 PM

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Grinchvr6 07-02-07 08:00 PM

6 foot 180lbs..

KinetikBiker 07-02-07 08:01 PM

The DK Six Pack should be good unless you are willing to spend more...

And if you want to get it done right off the bat, go big and get the Fit Flow (Park or Trail) or the DK Four Pack.

FitRider 921 07-02-07 09:01 PM

Yes, if you want to have a very nice bike, go with either of the Fit Flows, or go to an Integral Bel-Air. Any of those are excellent bikes. The Four Pack is decent, but the Fits and Integral beat it out (in my opinion).

cwt341 07-02-07 10:36 PM

yea if you wanna go more i would deff go FIT flow's or integral bel-air

KinetikBiker 07-03-07 06:04 AM


I forgot about the Integrals! They are great too.

minichamp31 07-03-07 10:27 AM

Since his budget is $350 those are a little more. Go with a DK Six-Pack or be different and get a Stolen Wrap.

Grinchvr6 07-07-07 04:32 PM

Thanks for the input everyone!! It looks like I will end up with either the Stolen Wrap or DK 6pack. Any other advise as to which is better? The Wrap looks like it may have a few extra goodies on it...

live4muzic2 07-07-07 06:02 PM

i like the wrap better.

KinetikBiker 07-07-07 08:40 PM

DK all the way.

Punx 07-08-07 06:47 PM

For you i think a DK 6 Pack would be better.

gnr rocker 07-08-07 07:25 PM


Grinchvr6 07-08-07 09:37 PM

I really wish I had access to check out the bikes in person before I purchase...this is so difficult to choose. Since both bikes are getting good reviews, I guess I cant go wrong with either one. Is there a specific reason any of you would choose one over the other?

live4muzic2 07-08-07 09:45 PM

the reason that would make me want the wrap over the six pack is; integrated headset, more than 2 pounds lighter, smaller sprocket, cassette, and i like the rear tire. the only thing i like more on the DK is that it has a spanish bottom braket, but that doesnt really matter to me.

FitRider 921 07-08-07 10:32 PM

Spanish BB's aren't that good...

minichamp31 07-09-07 08:57 AM

Go with the Wrap. I think it's a better deal due to the cassette hub.

eightdip 07-09-07 12:55 PM

Originally Posted by FitRider 921
Spanish BB's aren't that good...

What's wrong with spanish BB? I've got one

FitRider 921 07-09-07 12:57 PM

From the general consensus, American and Mid BB's are better, although I have never had a Spanish BB. Actually, I've never even touched my BB.

eightdip 07-09-07 12:58 PM

Spanish BB is like 1mm smaller than Mid

Grinchvr6 07-10-07 09:51 AM

Im pretty sure Im going to pull the trigger on the Stolen this weekend. The more I researched these bikes, though, the Stolen appears to be more comprable to the 4-pack than the 6-pack, which makes it an even better deal.

Punx 07-10-07 10:06 AM

Once you get it! Get pictures i want to see it.

Grinchvr6 07-20-07 05:54 PM

Does anyone know where to purchase a Stolen Wrap online? I was going to get it from DansComp, but its no longer listed on their site...

minichamp31 07-20-07 07:32 PM

Some site I just found with it. Search google.

Grinchvr6 07-21-07 06:05 AM

They dont ship....

minichamp31 07-21-07 11:27 AM

Originally Posted by Grinchvr6 (Post 4898939)
They dont ship....

Sorry, didn't look.

KinetikBiker 07-21-07 07:25 PM

Originally Posted by Punx (Post 4824552)
Once you get it! Get pictures i want to see it.

Is that what your girl told you?

FitRider 921 07-21-07 07:28 PM


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