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Punx 07-05-07 08:51 AM

I'm back, but i need help.
So i used to post here a lot, i think a lot of you will remember me. I used to have the crappy Haro Nyquist 2003. But then like 2 weeks exact, i got a 2007 Haro Thread 1, its a hecka tight bike. Here is a link.
The first part is me and my friend riding on them at our skatepark. But yea, i was at the skatepark yesterday before the fireworks and this kid with a 16 inch bike like that was 12 came. It was insane he was pulling like 360's and all this stuff, that i can't do on my Thread 1, becuase i don't think i'm big enough or something. Then i asked him if i could try it, and i could do 180's out of the bowl and i could almost do 360's, i want to build one up in like a long period of time you know. I never have built a bike, and i would want to. So how would i build up a 16 inch bmx? Thanks

eightdip 07-05-07 08:54 AM

You wouldn't

You would get back on your bmx and learn them on that

Punx 07-05-07 09:01 AM

Wait what do you mean? I think a 16 inch would be really fun.

eightdip 07-05-07 09:04 AM

Yeah but It would be a lot of money just for fun. Get a 20"

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:04 AM

Don't go to a 16 inch bike. Most people that can do things on a 16 inch bike can't do anything on a 20 inch and it's completely pointless. Just stick with what you got and keep going.

Punx 07-05-07 09:11 AM

Then, maybe i'll just build up a 20 inch. I just want to build something up with my spare money. How much would it cost to build up a semi-decent bmx? Thanks, i don't want to buy one like complete, i want to just like build one up, i don't know why, i think it would be a lot of fun.

eightdip 07-05-07 09:12 AM

Yeahhhhhhhh, thats the way. Not sure on cost. I don't work in $

East Hill 07-05-07 09:16 AM

Punx! Nice to see you return :D .

East Hill

Punx 07-05-07 09:16 AM

Does anyone know the cost, and what part should i get first, one of the Local Bmxer's i know, i asked if he has any spare parts so hes really nice and gives me advice all the time. Thanks

Thanks Easthill it feels nice talking about bmx again.

eightdip 07-05-07 09:19 AM

Start on the frame and work from there. That'll get you started and give you an idea on colour schemes etc. Ebay is good for frames

Punx 07-05-07 09:20 AM

Really any reccomendations on a frame thats cheap?

eightdip 07-05-07 09:21 AM

Ask the US based people. I'm not sure

Punx 07-05-07 09:23 AM

Oh ok. Any US Based people here lol?

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:24 AM

If I were you, I'd just save up my money and buy a decent complete. You won't be able to piece together a very good custom bike because you just don't have the money.

Punx 07-05-07 09:25 AM

Eh. The only problem is i don't want my dad to get mad at me, and i think it would be awesome just to build up my own bike. I can probably get spare parts from a lot of the local bmxer's.

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:27 AM

But you still don't have the money to buy yourself anything decent. Why would your dad get mad at you for buying a complete and not get mad at you for building your own bike?

Punx 07-05-07 09:31 AM

Because if i was building up my own bike, then i would spend money but in a long period of time, that i would earn money to replace it. But if i just bought a complete a lot of my money would drop. I have a lot of money from when i did my paper route. Also then what would be a good cheap complete?

Edit: Also could someone like name every part of a bmx bike i would need to build like a custom, like bars, grips..stuff like that, then i'll see how much a half decent one would cost to build up. Thanks

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:35 AM

If you built up a custom bike, it would probably cost atleast $800. Define cheap. You could get a DK Six Pack for around $300, or you could spend a bit more and get something even better.

Punx 07-05-07 09:37 AM

$300 i mean cheap. Would i be able to whip around a DK 6 Pack though that's why i am interested in bmx, because on my haro i can't whip it around, and on that 16 inch it was so fun! I'm 13 and 5 feet tall, pretty weak and 80 pounds lol.

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:46 AM

It's not quite something to whip around, but not many completes are able to just be whipped around. My bike can't be whipped around. It is a solid bike and it is not what you would call 'heavy.' If I were you, I'd start eating and hit the gym.

Punx 07-05-07 09:47 AM

Lol. I'm accually pretty strong for my size thugh, but like the 16 inch, it felt like idk, it was really fun and i could do a lot, do you think i could do 180's on a bmx if i could do 180's on a 16 inch first try?

Fed3ral 07-05-07 09:49 AM

I don't think you could make a custom, even buying the cheapest parts, for $300.

Edit: Already been covered, my bad.

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:49 AM

It would take a lot more time on a 20 inch. Most people that can do things on a 16 inch can not do so much on a 20 inch bike, but 16 inch bikes are for a lot younger kids. 20 inch bikes are just better.

Punx 07-05-07 09:50 AM

Oh no, i was talking about a complete for $300 lol. Also my LBS sells Haro's. Also even if making a complete was a bit expensive, i would like to do that, just because i think it would be really fun to basically build your own bike, then paint it and stuff. Idk why though.

FitRider 921 07-05-07 09:52 AM

You would destroy that thing so easily. Just get a 20 inch bike, you will thank yourself later.

eightdip 07-05-07 09:54 AM

Buy a good complete 20". Get it sent in parts and build it yourself

Fed3ral 07-05-07 09:54 AM

If you really got your mind set on a smaller bike, possible 18 inch? 16 will do you no good. But they are damn fun if your small enough.

Punx 07-05-07 09:54 AM

Wait is it possible to get it sent in parts? Like would Danscomp do that? Also, what would be a cheap complete that would be good for me?

Fed3ral 07-05-07 09:58 AM

Order a complete. Take it apart, then put it back together. Problem solved.:rolleyes:

Punx 07-05-07 09:59 AM

Lol. When you order a complete does it come like non-assembled, i thought it would since like it's huge! Also how much is shipping for like a complete?

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