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bmxinvasion 07-08-07 04:06 PM

some recent clips
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Punx 07-08-07 06:55 PM

Those look awesome, i love the flair.

FitRider 921 07-08-07 07:05 PM

Al D has big bars... and tailwhips a lot.

minichamp31 07-09-07 08:50 AM

I love the gold bars on your bike. And yeah, you really like tailwhips.

eightdip 07-09-07 01:01 PM

Verrrry good, what bars are those?

bmxinvasion 07-09-07 02:04 PM

The bars are the stock Mirraco bars that come on the completes. I trimmed them a bit.

eightdip 07-09-07 02:13 PM

Ah rite, they look huge haha

premiumbmx2005 07-09-07 02:54 PM

haha...remy ma...or w.e

KinetikBiker 07-10-07 06:08 AM

Gold big bars.

Better then Chrome big bars?

I like 'em.

Punx 07-10-07 08:53 AM

Me too, why does everyone like chrome! There so ugly!

minichamp31 07-10-07 09:31 AM

One of the only things I like chrome is the 2Hip Playboi. Don't know why, it's just nice.

Punx 07-10-07 10:05 AM

Lol. I just hate chrome it's so ugly, i love white bars, white fork and white rims with black.

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