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Ace 07-28-03 10:27 PM

Best Bike Around $300
I wanted to know your opinions on some of the freestyle bikes around $300 dollars. This will be my first BMX bike, I've been mtb for some time now. I'll also mostly be riding in a park and the streets of NYC. Im about 5'11" and 155 lbs Some of the bikes that I'm looking at are:
Haro F4 (I've heard mixed reviews)
Hoffman 900
DK Cleveland
Giant Modem G
Diamondback Orion
I'm open to suggestions on any other bike, so feel free to post, I'm also prepared to go a little higher on the price if you guys think it's well worth it

OneTinSloth 07-28-03 11:34 PM

do you actually READ this forum!?! jesus christ, there were like, three topics with almost this exact title over the last three weeks!!!

rgshill 07-29-03 02:20 AM

If you really want to get a nice bike that will last and has some good parts, you might want to go with a volume complete, or an Eastern. With the eastern ace of spades for just over 300 (320). And that is a pretty nice bike. To get that cheap price on the eastern you would probably have to buy it from Red General Bikes. . If you sign up and email [email protected] they will definately hook you up. That goes for anything else you could want.

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