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Flair 07-29-03 11:26 AM

Help with pegs?
Hey all, I have a 2001 Mirra Flair and I just started picking up riding again, but, I don't think I am going to be doing any tricks anytime soon, I just want to ride it around. So I need to know how to remove my pegs. They are just in the way and since I am not gonna be doin any hardcore street riding anytime soon I don't need the extra weight. So if anyone knows how to remove these pegs, any help would be appreciated:)

Jonny B 07-29-03 04:43 PM

You'll need a socket that'll fit the wheelnuts (17mm if it's got 10mm axles, probably 21mm or 22mm if you have 14mm axles), a long extension and a ratchet. It couldn't be simpler, just loosen and remove the nuts, slide the pegs off and put the nuts back on. Make sure any washers that were next to the dropouts are still there and the same way around.

Flair 07-29-03 09:45 PM

Tried, earlier but couldn't find a big enough socket, but now I found one and they came off easy. Thanks for the help.:beer:

Hotsaucevc 08-13-03 09:49 AM

howd u take it off???\

Flair 08-13-03 10:29 PM

I got my Stanley Professional 12 piece 3/8" drive socket set, took out the 3/4 socket, the extension, and the ratchet. Then I connected the extension to the ratchet, connected the socket to the extension slipped it over the nut and in about 5 min all 4 pegs were off. Pretty easy, you should be able to do it no problem.

Hotsaucevc 08-14-03 03:47 PM

is there a nut IN the peg??? Cause i looked in mine and there wasnt anything

Flair 08-30-03 03:59 PM

Yes there should be a nut or bolt inside the peg, at least it was on my model bike. Maybe there is a different way to do it on your model bike.:confused:

Hoffman kid 08-30-03 09:35 PM

some pegs are just screw on

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