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maccabran 09-28-07 12:50 PM

Help! Does anyone kmow the identity of my bike
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Hi everyone, just dug my old BMX out of the garage and wanted to find out more about it. I bought it off a friend about 17 yrs ago (for 5) and its been sat in the garage (after some great times) ever since. I am now looking to restore it, I was going to give it to my 9yr old nephew but relised how much I loved it and then thought that he'd just wreck it. So if anyone could tell me what it is as I was thinking it is a Kuwahara from what I've seen online, it has a Tange frame and forks. There is also quite a bit of rust on it so if anyone could give me any tips it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

CMcMahon 09-28-07 02:27 PM

You'll have way better luck there.

live4muzic2 09-28-07 08:22 PM

it really not too nice.

wethepeople 09-28-07 08:27 PM

Originally Posted by live4muzic2 (Post 5356214)
it really not too nice.

Since you're obviously educated on the subject, why is that?

live4muzic2 09-28-07 08:40 PM

i never knew rust was a style years ago.

wethepeople 09-28-07 08:53 PM

Rust can be easily fixed.

maccabran 09-29-07 11:14 AM


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