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live4muzic2 09-30-07 10:14 PM

i need to get a new driver for my new sprocket. (25 tooth.) I want a good and cheap one to fit odyssey hazard hub. 50$ american max. (with shipping hopefully.)suggestions?

FitRider 921 10-01-07 05:47 PM

The only option you have is probably the Blackout driver. Unfortunately, that one is known to die quickly.

live4muzic2 10-01-07 08:07 PM


FitRider 921 10-01-07 08:30 PM

Blow up, explode. All you need to know is that it probably won't work for long.

live4muzic2 10-01-07 08:51 PM


FitRider 921 10-01-07 08:57 PM

I'm not a big fan of Kink parts. Most of their parts are known to be terrible.

live4muzic2 10-01-07 08:59 PM

well considering my birthda is in 2 months,should i wait for a whole new hub and rim? nov.30

FitRider 921 10-01-07 09:12 PM

Kink = Blackout

What wheel do you have?

live4muzic2 10-01-07 09:15 PM

odyssey hazard 11 tooth laced to a sun big city light. i dont about the spokes.

FitRider 921 10-01-07 09:18 PM

What's wrong with that wheel? It's pretty nice.

FuzzyRyder 10-01-07 09:19 PM

The blackout driver will be fine.

live4muzic2 10-01-07 09:33 PM

erm i have a 25 tooth sprocket. well maybe just get a hub?

FitRider 921 10-01-07 09:36 PM

Why not just get a new sprocket then?

live4muzic2 10-01-07 09:39 PM

cause i just bought this sprocket!!!!!!

Gerst240 10-01-07 10:15 PM

Blackout is fine i've been riding it for over a year now.

eightdip 10-02-07 02:01 PM

Get the blackout one. If it breaks it breaks, I doubt you'd break it though

FitRider 921 10-02-07 02:03 PM

Originally Posted by live4muzic2 (Post 5372470)
cause i just bought this sprocket!!!!!!

Why would you buy a sprocket for a gearing you don't have? You shouldn't change your wheel for a sprocket. You should change your sprocket for a wheel. That saves a lot of money. If you want, go for the Blackout, but it doesn't have a good reputation.

live4muzic2 10-02-07 08:56 PM

well i guess ill just wait a bit. ill pop this thread up when i make a choice.

FuzzyRyder 10-03-07 11:53 PM

Just get the blackout, its fine.

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