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bmxinvasion 10-01-07 11:53 AM

USA riders wanted
Hello friends, I'm representing the east coast side on the schick show your trick contest list. BMX rider vs Skateboarder ! Please take a few minutes to help a brother out and cast 3 votes each for me by registering to vote here: thanks I appreciate your help and support. -AL DiMino

FitRider 921 10-01-07 05:45 PM

I'm sorry, but in what way are you helping the sport here if the only time you come here is to have us help you in some way?

eightdip 10-02-07 02:03 PM

I dont have a problem with him, he only shows us videos and stuff. How are we helping the sport?

CMcMahon 10-02-07 03:28 PM

BMX is a sport?

bmxinvasion 10-02-07 04:07 PM

beerman!!!help keep it bmx holla back! -AL

bmxinvasion 10-02-07 04:11 PM

I'm just a rider like you and everyone else on the forum I'm just asking for support btw you get a free razor if you vote. :)

eightdip 10-02-07 04:21 PM

Its just gunz being jealous

CMcMahon 10-02-07 06:20 PM

Pretty sure that skater is going to win, because:

1) He has a short part, and you have one clip.
2) There's way more skateboarders than there are BMX riders, so it's that much more likely that they'll make up the majority of the votes.

I do need a new razor, though...

jonly 10-02-07 07:48 PM

Originally Posted by eightdip (Post 5376925)
How are we helping the sport?

I'm actually a pretty good looking guy, so when people see me on a bmx bike they automatically assume that BMXers are pretty hot.
Or, because of my age they assume that I have had one too many DUIs and can no longer drive a car. Either way.
So, now the question is:
what are YOU doing for the sport?

eightdip 10-03-07 03:55 PM

I meant on the forum really. I'm doing **** all for the sport, i ride my bike, I don't think about it as a sport it's just what I do

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