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CmdrGabeE 10-03-07 08:58 AM

Just got a Haro SR20 Racer. I'm 5'0", 110lbs. Right bike for me?
Hey, all! I recently decided to take a break from longboarding and get into BMX, for a change . I figured with a bike, I could also use it not just for BMX-specific disciplines, but to also ride around the neighborhood without having to worry about cracks, potholes, and pebbles (Stuff I have to worry about when I'm on my longboard).

So I went to my local bike shop, Cycle Options (awesome shop!) and found out that they're an official Haro dealer here in the Philippines. Thinking I want something I could use more for speed, racing, and dirt tracks, I got the Haro SR20 (20.5" TT). When I got home, I did a little more research and found out that the SR20 may be a tad too big for me. I'm only 5'0" and weigh 110lbs (Yeah, I'm pretty short for a 24yo ).

Should I stick with the SR20, or replace it with something a little smaller like the SR Expert (20" TT)? I asked the bike shop owner and he was really cool and told me I can try the SR Expert tomorrow if I wanted to.

Anyway, would love to hear what the experienced riders here think ! Sorry if I'm asking too much, but I'm relatively new to the BMX side of cycling!

wds178 10-03-07 12:04 PM

While you are a bit on the small size for a 24 yr old, I wouldn't recommend switching to the expert. Not only is the frame smaller, but the parts on it are also "expert" sized. Much smaller & less durable. Plastic half-seat, skinny tires, etc. With such skinny tires & rims - you'll still be wanting to avoid potholes & stuff! I think you'd be better off with the SR20 & switching out to smaller bars, shorter stem, etc...
Good luck!

CmdrGabeE 10-03-07 07:32 PM

Thanks for the very informative post, wds! Indeed you are right. I checked both the SR20 and the Expert's specs, and the Expert's stock tires and rims do cater to much smaller riders. *Sigh* It sucks being too short for my age. And considering the fact that I'm already 24, doubt I'll still get any taller :P.

Okay, now I'm thinking of just sticking with the SR20 so I can have a reliable performance bike that can handle anything I [might attempt to] throw at it. Still, would purchasing shorter cranks, handle bars, stem make the bike at least conform to me more? I guess I can just change the parts to make it fit me so I wouldn't have to downsize to a bike with a smaller frame.

fuzzbox 10-03-07 07:37 PM

You could alway lower your seat instead of getting new cranks.

CmdrGabeE 10-03-07 07:59 PM

Thanks, fuzzbox :)! I'll adjust the seat height and see what's comfortable for me.

Thinking out loud, I guess my short stature won't help me at races at all, won't it? lol!

fuzzbox 10-03-07 10:42 PM

Now that I think about it, not exactly sure if this is right but instead of smaller bars it would be taller and narrower. Anyways is it weird when you ride because I'm 5'6'' and the frame I'm looking into is 20.5"

CmdrGabeE 10-03-07 11:10 PM

I'm 5'6'' and the frame I'm looking into is 20.5"
Which makes you 6" taller than I am, and that's pretty significant!
Maybe I should still consider getting the 20" TT version of the SR. Hmmm...

fuzzbox 10-03-07 11:20 PM

If they have it go for it but then again it is only .5" difference, which isn't that much but I've heard people say they can feel the difference.

CmdrGabeE 10-03-07 11:28 PM

I guess I'll found out later :)! The Expert model also has shorter cranks, so it may be more suited to my "shorter" legs. I guess the only thing I don't like about the Expert model are the narrower tires, but eh, maybe they're more functional and suited for the slightly smaller frame.

fuzzbox 10-03-07 11:30 PM

You could always switch out the tires.

CmdrGabeE 10-04-07 05:25 AM

Okay. I just got back from the bike shop. Apparently, they didn't have the SR Expert in-stock (Well, not anymore when I got there anyway.). So they kindly resorted to adjusting the handle bars and saddle so that the handle bars are more slanted backwards, and the saddle moved a a little forward.

Still, I would love to know what the experienced bmx'ers here think...Whether my bike's too big for me or not. For reference, here's a pic of me on the bike.

Once again, I would love to know what you guys think. Any more suggestions to make the SR20 fit my height, or does the bike look just about right for me? I tried pedaling my bike while standing today, and it was a bit difficult to keep the bike in a straight line and it took much effort to pedal...Or maybe my legs aren't used to that kind of pedaling yet?

fuzzbox 10-04-07 07:24 AM

It looks good.

wds178 10-04-07 07:48 AM

You look just fine on it. Just keep riding & you'll get more comfortable as well.
If you had gone w/ the Expert, it's likely you'd have found the frame was built w/ 20X1-3/8 wheels & tires in mind. Thus, it's unlikely a wider (more durable) wheel/tire combo would have worked well.
Keep riding!

andymac 10-04-07 09:33 AM

I would think that the cranks (which I believe are 175mm on that bike) would be too long for someone your height. When you see kids at the races that have cranks that are too long their butts wiggle all over the place when they are trying to ride. They can not spin in a smooth circle as they are having to go up and down too much. My 8 year old son is around 4'8" and is currently riding 160mm cranks and he can spin like mad but if he tries to ride my cruiser with 180mm he is all over the place. I would expect that you should be using 165 or maybe 170mm. Maybe the shop will swap these for you.

As for being hard to pedal, you can experiment with the gearing. In a race you want to have a gear that you can get up to speed as quickly as possible but not so easy to pedal that your top speed is limited. The most common gearing on a 20 inch wheel bike is a 44 tooth chainring in the front and a 16 tooth cog in the rear. Lots of smaller riders like to use an easier gear than this. My son rides a 42 * 16. I think that the Haro has a cassette hub so changing the gearing is easy. You just need to change the cog on the rear. The problem with changing the rear cog is that it makes a pretty big change, a one tooth change on the rear is the equivalent to a 2.5 tooth change on the front. Most racers tend to change the chainring on the front instead so that they can make smaller changes. If you decide to try a change you could go to a 44 * 17 so long as your chain is long enough to allow this, this would make it easier to pedal. This is easy to do but you may want to ask the shop to do it if you are not comfortable with this or do not have the tools.

CmdrGabeE 10-04-07 11:02 AM

Hey andymac! First off, I would like to thank you so much for helping out :)! You hit the nail right on the head about the cranks length issue! That's probably why I couldn't pedal standing up without swerving the bike from side to side. The fact is, whenever I push a pedal downwards while standing up/sprinting, I tend to lean to the pedal's side too much because the pedal goes down too deep (due to the long cranks). I'm definitely gonna call the bike shop tomorrow and ask if they have 165mm pedals for my bike :)! Hopefully I won't have to change anything else, just the cranks (or if required, the pedals). Regards to your son too :)!

wds178 and fuzzbox, thanks for your comments :). It's good to know my bike still fits my stature rather well.

CmdrGabeE 10-04-07 09:43 PM

Help! I just asked the bike shop and they don't have 165mm crank arms for my bike. Can I just buy any crank arm online, or do I need to consider details like sizing, brand, etc?

fuzzbox 10-04-07 09:59 PM

You can, but if your in the Philippines places might not ship there. It can get expensive though.

CmdrGabeE 10-05-07 12:19 AM

I'm thinking of getting these...
Profile Racing 3-piece chromoly race crank arms.
I'm not really a "bike expert", so will these work with my bike?

andymac 10-05-07 09:08 AM

The Profile crank arms you linked will not work with your bike unless you change the bottom bracket. Your current bottom bracket (the axle that runs through the frame that the pedals connect to) is an 8 spline and Profile cranks are 48 spline. To run the Profile cranks you would need to change the bottom bracket spindle.

The linked crank arms are also overkill for someone your size, I ride that type of crank but I am 6'6" 230lbs, you should not have any problem with a light set of cranks.

Your best bet is to ask the shop what the options are for getting shorter cranks, they should be able to let you know what would be compatible or be able to order something in for you. If you want to do it yourself the cheapest route is probably to replace the bottom bracket with an inexpensive square taper or ISIS, your bike has what is referred to as a Euro style bottom bracket, this is a common and easily replaced piece. By going to a more common bottom bracket you will have more options for cranks. Something like Sinz Expert cranks would do for a rider your size and chainrings for them are cheap and easy to change.

wds178 10-05-07 09:12 AM

You can't go wrong w/ Profiles. But you would have to buy the whole set (arms & spindle/BB) which would run around $130 us. But looking at Haro's website, they claim to have the same cranks that I think come stock on the SR 20 in a 165. They're the cranks on top. You should be able to get them. Maybe eve just the arms.

CmdrGabeE 10-05-07 09:44 AM

Wow! Thank you so much, andymac, and wds178 for all that info! I gotta say, I learned A TON about bmx bikes "technicalities" in this thread alone :)! You guys definitely know what you're talking about ;) (I guess that's what years of bmx(ing) does to ya', huh?)!

andymac, thanks for all yer suggestions. Should have known that my BB is an 8 spline, against the profile crank's 48 spline. I guess I'll have to try and purchase lighter cranks too. I have a feeling I'll do most of my shopping online, coz I am yet to see a bmx bike shop here in the Philippines that has those parts :(.

wds178, I'll see if I can get my hands on that haro crankset :)! Might as well get crank arms I know'll fit in with my BB.

herbie bmx 10-06-07 07:22 PM

I'd go fo a smaller bike. Do they have any bike at the shop with a shorter TT?

CmdrGabeE 10-07-07 07:36 AM

Hey, herbie :)! Yeah, deep inside I know I should have gotten a smaller bike. I honestly don't think I can actually "race" on my SR20 (Though I can ride well enough to go to nearby places).

Alas, the only "smaller" bikes the shop has are freestyle or trick bikes :(. So yeah, I'm stuck to this one. Also, BMX isn't a big thing here in the Philippines, so BMX bikes are pretty rare, or limited. *Sigh*

Anywayz, I'll be visiting the US some time next year, and I'm thinking of getting a Redline bmx bike there for my size, like the Redline Flight Expert XL. Good luck to me, I guess.

gnr rocker 10-08-07 06:41 PM

its a woman!

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