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Punx 10-13-07 08:46 AM

Need help.
So i wrote a thread about how i got my Haro Backtrail X3, well i took off the gyro and now my bar's feel very loose and they won't tighten anymore, do i need more spacer's or something. Also what do you guys think good upgrades for it would be? Thanks.

wethepeople 10-13-07 12:38 PM

Yes, you'll need a spacer or two.

live4muzic2 10-15-07 08:43 PM


bikerguy45 10-18-07 09:23 AM

if you dont wanna go buy a spacer just use one of the peices of the gyro and a hack saw to make a spacer

live4muzic2 10-18-07 08:46 PM

no nagger riging.

FitRider 921 10-18-07 09:08 PM

Just put in a spacer and be done with it. If you really want to, cut the steerer tube.

hockeyteeth 10-19-07 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by live4muzic2 (Post 5481656)
no nagger riging.

Seriously, dude? :(

live4muzic2 10-19-07 09:20 PM

unless approved.

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