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Kane 02-02-00 01:10 PM

What on earth is the differance between an 'abubaca' and an 'fufanu' ?
--Could someone tell me please
oh yeah and does anyone here geyt 'RIDE' mag, if not, buy it, it rocks!


jrt1990 08-08-04 08:01 PM


BMXTRIX 08-08-04 08:51 PM

I am pretty darn sure that a Fufanu is a tire tap on the coping to 180 back into the ramp so you come in forward. An abubaca is a tire tap on the coping to fakie back into the ramp. I know 100% on the abubaca that is what it is... only 50% sure on the fufanu.

operator 08-08-04 11:12 PM

The 'DIFFERANCE????' I guess would be 'difference'.

jrt1990 08-09-04 10:57 AM

this forums like 4 years old, hes never gonna see this

PGZX3 08-09-04 03:19 PM

then what was the point of bringing it back from the dead?? the explinations previously posted were correct

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