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dadof4k 10-01-01 02:11 PM

help on crankset
a saleman told me that the Odyssey Black Widow crankset is not made for
jumping - just purely racing. is this true? my son just cracked one
and i would like to replace it. he rides in the skate park and i guess
does some jumping. please help. thanks

marine43 10-02-01 04:22 PM

those cranks are really good and i recomend them

stumpjumper 10-17-01 01:17 PM

Well if he cracked it jumping, consider something with a beefer arm. top of the line racing and top of the line jumping/freestyle are both good, but built differently.

Metallik_Bikes 10-17-01 10:16 PM

How much does your son weigh? Black Widows are made for BMX racing and not the stress of heavy jumping and skatepark use. I wouldn't recomend them to anyone that weighs over 140lbs for any reason. They are just too light. My advice is to go for some profiles.

bluebmx 12-23-01 02:50 PM

most definately profile origanals! they are great!

DOCTORJ 12-24-01 08:42 PM

i know that a lot of flatlanders use the black widows cause they're light, but relatively strong. i would go with the profile original too. or snafus

Flatland Freak 02-08-02 02:26 PM

Black Widows are great for basically any kind of riding, but because they are forged they do have imperfections in them. If you crack them chances are they could have been faulty. I know many riders that use them for jumping and never have a problem. But I must admit that tubular are much better. Try the profiles, but if your not into spending that much money, basically any tubular chromoly crank will do great.

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