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mediastuff 09-09-03 04:18 PM

Two bike me pick
I am just starting BMX and i want a good cheap bike. I called up Sun & Ski Sports and they have a Haro 2.1 track and trail for about 150. Then i called a local BMX store (not a big chain) and they have a Diamondback Session for 150. Those r the only two choices i have so i have to pick from those. Which is better?:confused:

Jonny B 09-10-03 05:19 PM

Haro, definately.

mediastuff 09-10-03 07:38 PM

Why would the Haro be a better choice?

Jonny B 09-11-03 04:33 PM

Whilst the bikes are probably about the same quality, Haro is a much better company. It was started by Bob Haro (freestyle king) back in the Eighties, and has always been at the forefront of freestyle and BMX. Diamondback is a crappy mountainbike company the decided to make more money by making BMXs.

On the other hand, if you can find one, go for a Hoffman (as in Mat Hoffman, Bob Haro for the Ninties). Their beginner bikes are the best around, real good quality, loads to choose from, just relly good bikes.

mediastuff 09-11-03 04:56 PM

Thanx, the Haro it shall be. Cant find any hoffmans for aroud that price. Does any1 know anyhting good about the Haro 2.1? Also isnt track and trail like dirt jumps and such?

mediastuff 09-11-03 05:01 PM

Track-Trail-Street ...... thats what it says

caleb 09-12-03 09:10 AM

hey dude...what a coincidence...i am riding a haro tr 2.1 too...

its a kindof like a great bike though...

but need further adjustments after buying it..its a great bike anyways:beer:

Jonny B 09-12-03 12:19 PM

There are presious few differences between dirt and street bikes in that price range, mostly geometery which is of little consequence to a beginner.

mediastuff 09-12-03 03:02 PM

Im mostly going to be riding it to my friends (some long distances) and we might build some small dirt jumps and such. Im just not to crazy about the blue color they have :/

mediastuff 09-12-03 05:55 PM

i called them up and they have the backtrail X1 for 200...i dunno if i can get that one.

OneTinSloth 09-13-03 01:11 AM

save up the extra $50 and get the backtrail.

caleb 09-13-03 02:59 AM

well i think it all depends...backtrail bikes are naturally heavier than street bikes...

if u are more to the street side then i think backtrail bikes are not for amatuers

mediastuff 09-13-03 09:36 AM

Well the store is having a sale on wensday.....and im going thursday night. 10 - 20% off all bikes. Whatever one they still have ill get ...:)

mediastuff 09-13-03 09:38 AM

Caleb....... How much "beating" on the bike till you notice a difference, if youve even noticed any?

caleb 09-13-03 09:38 AM

hmm..i guess not buddy

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