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mediastuff 09-14-03 03:09 PM

Hello All Again,

It seems i was to big for the Haro TR 2.1 , and the X1 was a rip off (20 bucks more for CHROME!) so i got the Specialized Fuse I for 189.99 with pegs. Anyone know anything about this bike (hopefully good) ?

mediastuff 09-15-03 03:07 PM


caleb 09-16-03 01:41 AM

what matters most is u like it...

mediastuff 09-16-03 02:41 PM

well i havent rode it yet......and i wanna see if any1 knows anything good about it

punkbiker 09-24-03 09:48 PM

Specialized, Haro, Diamondback, Free Agent etc. are all good bikes but if you want good street/trails bikes go for Rider Owned Companies like Fit Bike Co. , FBM etc. They are more expensive and usually you cant buy completes but they'll never brake.

Since you got the specialized fuse 1, costomize it. Add sweet parts by FBM. If you want a bike that'll never brake Fork out the bucks. To costomize it your looking at around $300.00

Tip............ dont buy new!

OneTinSloth 09-24-03 11:50 PM

Fit makes complete bikes now. i think the frames they use for them aren't made in the U.S.A., or just aren't the same quality or something, because they go for way less than a complete fit series one would...

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