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Street rider 04-13-09 06:07 PM

yea i wish i could say the same about my bike lol

Nimmy 04-14-09 04:06 PM

Okay, so my choices have changed since I found out that there's a local shop carrying BMX's. I went over there today and the two I liked most were:
Fit TRL3
Kink Roc

Which is the better bike overall? I plan on doing mostly street and park riding.

minichamp31 04-14-09 05:09 PM

I'd go for the TRL3. But it also depends on your height. If you're kind of tall, you'd want the Kink because it's TT is .25" longer than the Fit. Either bike you go with is solid.

Nimmy 04-14-09 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by minichamp31 (Post 8731263)
I'd go for the TRL3. But it also depends on your height. If you're kind of tall, you'd want the Kink because it's TT is .25" longer than the Fit. Either bike you go with is solid.

I haven't touched a BMX in about 8 years so I have no clue how long of a TT I need. They both felt pretty good to me, and to my great delight (as well as surprise), I could still bunny hop. :)

I noticed that the TRL3 had a really fat front tire, am I going to want something a little bit skinnier for street riding, or is that about right?

EDIT: Also, i'm 5'9"

FuzzyRyder 04-14-09 10:47 PM

You can ride anything with those tires, its more of a preference thing.

minichamp31 04-15-09 05:07 PM

At your height, either one is alright. Whichever one felt better to you.

Street rider 04-16-09 06:15 AM

most street/trail setups have a fat tire in the front for grip and traction, and a skinnier tire in the back. but like fuzzy said, its all about preference

minichamp31 04-16-09 01:39 PM

I have a 2.125" in the front and back. Only because that's how I got it though. When I get new tires I'm going to get a 2.10" in the front and either a 1.95" or 1.85" in the back.

Nimmy 04-16-09 08:28 PM

I'll probably going to be going with the TRL3 if it's still available at the shop on Monday/Tuesday. :) I'm excited.

minichamp31 04-16-09 08:31 PM

Pick it up. That's a sick bike.

Nimmy 04-19-09 12:40 AM

I got the TRL3, it's a lot of fun. I haven't been this sore in a while though (good sore, i'm just out of shape).

Street rider 04-19-09 08:21 AM

nice dude. looks pretty sick.

minichamp31 04-19-09 02:04 PM

Looks so nice. I would have gotten the white though just because I like white better. Does it ride smooth?

mac51o 04-20-09 09:56 PM

solid killing machine or fly mask???

redryder64 04-22-09 08:22 AM

Best bike for my boy?
Ok I have read through all 15 pages of this thread and searched the forums and still haven't found what I'm looking for! So I'm gonna post the question!

I'm looking for a bike for my boy... He's 12, almost 13 but he's small! He's 4'8" and 70#'s...

A friend that rides BMX said get him the bigger TT of 20"... I was looking at an 18" He suggested a complete from Dan's. These are his suggestions...

Eastern Element

Eastern Shovelhead

I've also looked at these bikes...

Fit PRK 1

Fit PRK 3

Hoffman Bikes CIRRUS IL




Now here's the big question... All of these bikes are 20''-21" TT. Is this going to be to big for my boy? My buddy said get him something he will be able to grow into... but I hate to get him a bike he's not going to be able to enjoy till he grows...

All of them are about the same price range but price really isn't an issue... If someone has a better bike suggestion please let me know! He's going to get all A's and B's this semester so this is his reward!

Thanks for the help guys...

Street rider 04-22-09 10:54 AM

trust or transition. good bikes.

Red Horn 04-22-09 12:04 PM

^^ It takes a few years of solid practice to be able to pull off serious tricks. He will enjoy any quality bike he gets now. IMHO it's better to get a nice CroMo complete and not have to get another in a few years. At his age he may start to grow quickly. There are two bikes made by Verde (Modus & Spectrum) that are $600+ completes being sold for around $400 delivered. I would not get one with over a 20.5" top tube. Of the ones you posted the Kink Transition is best bet.

evul9 05-01-09 06:53 PM

Hello think is not exactly about a bike but it is about a wheel for a bike.
The original forum is here :
I am wondering which wheel should i buy which isn't too expensive
i was wondering between
My bike is here: Its a 24 inch bmx racer

back wheel.

Street rider 05-02-09 06:33 AM

since you never said this in your OTHER thread, what size are the axles?

evul9 05-02-09 08:37 AM

Well i don't exactly know how to measure it.
How do you measure it?

minichamp31 05-02-09 09:39 AM

Use the end of a pen and if it's about the same size as that, it's 3/8", which it most likely is.

evul9 05-02-09 10:08 AM

I just don't want to measure something wrong what exactly are the axles?

And do you mean the metal shiny part of the pen(the writing part) when you click it out ??

minichamp31 05-02-09 11:39 AM

Use the back end of the pen.

evul9 05-02-09 01:30 PM

FuzzyRyder 05-02-09 01:45 PM

It's 3/8ths. the alex 303 will be a bit tougher but honestly they are both crap, but you get what you pay for.

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