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innocent 01-30-13 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by Street rider (Post 15217856)
That Haro is a 24", so its a lot different than anything else you're looking at. And like I said, I'm pretty sure that WTP is stolen. So you probably shouldn't go for it.

Oh okay thanks on the Haro

He's saying he needs money for rent

Street rider 01-30-13 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by innocent (Post 15218087)
Oh okay thanks on the Haro

He's saying he needs money for rent

I still really don't know man. Ask for any little bit of information you can, especially about components. Its not hard to lie about something like that, saying you 'need rent money' to sell a stolen bike really quick.

innocent 01-30-13 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by Street rider (Post 15218597)
I still really don't know man. Ask for any little bit of information you can, especially about components. Its not hard to lie about something like that, saying you 'need rent money' to sell a stolen bike really quick.

Yeah he seems shady... he's told me it's custom, it's $1500, also it has a flat so who knows what else is wrong with it.

I'm just going to take your advice and not buy it.

I responded to you in my six pack thread btw

RGNY 05-27-13 10:41 AM

looking for something to throw around dirt trails. have experience w/ bmx and mtb, but prefer bmx.

6' / 190# / 33" standover. probably looking for a 24" w/ around a 21-22" TT.

recommendations for a "fun bike" that will take some abuse and emergency dismounts?

liking the looks of the Haro Pro and GT Power, but would love some recommendations.

thanks for any help....

BikezRAwesum 05-27-13 10:25 PM

Thruster Rage BABY!!!!

Cameron a 06-09-13 09:38 AM

Gt dyno slammer
2 Attachment(s)
Dude wants 400$ for 1998 gt slammer that has a little rust but barely any use and all original parts.

He says price is negotiable what should I offer? Here some pics

Heimix 03-02-14 10:58 AM

are thes any good for my eight year old son??? OR

RWCC 03-19-14 12:34 PM

Greetings All,
I just found this forum while doing research on BMX for my son. I've been reading/browsing a few threads to get an idea of what to look for...mind blown!!! great info/fun but can be overwhelming as I must admit. My apologies as I know this question has been asked ad nauseam

A few info about my son that may help members while we are looking for suggestions...
- beginner level
- 5-3 , 110 lbs
- primarily for Street/Park riding
- budget $300-350

We recently stopped by local shops around my area just to check their inventory. I think something that may help is for him test ride the bikes but I'm not sure if this is allowed. My son is fixated with Haro and WTP brands but we would like to solicit additional additional tips,comments, and feedback before we make our final purchase decision.

If there are any members from the St Charles/Bartlett area, I would appreciate your suggestions . We've visited these local shops so far: Sammys, Mill Race (Geneva), Everything Pedal (S Elgin), Two Seasons (Hanover park)

Thanks in advance.

johnelliss 04-01-14 11:59 PM

This is a very informative post and happy to read it !

eriwoo 06-03-14 11:14 AM

Hello, I have two kids starting out in BMX. Older has 5 wins w rented track bike, younger mainly just rides around track, no races. We are looking to purchase bmx racing bikes for them and our budget is around $400 each. I am lost as to what is best brand to go with. I liken this to sneakers--Nike, Reebok, Under Armor, all get the job done but is one better than the other? I hate to go off who has flashiest adverts and I hate for my kids to have what everyone else has at the track, DK and Intense. But maybe those are the best bikes and that is why everyone has them?! Looking for quick and lightweight. Kid specs below:

9 yr old, 95lbs, 4'10", Has a major need for speed
6 yr old, 45lbs, 4', Happy just to be riding

A few I've found online are:

INTENSE 2013/2014 Code Mini XL | BLACK/WHITE
DK 2014 Sprinter Expert | SATIN WHITE
HARO 2014 Annex Expert | SILVER
CHASE 2014 Edge Expert | BLACK

What are opinions on Haro bikes? I don't see any at the track, are they better for street not racing? Opinions also on Chase and SE appreciated!

Thanks greatly for help, this mama is LOST!

68charger 06-24-14 08:21 AM

hi i'm just getting started in bmx and i want to purchase one solid bike for the next few years considering that i wont get another for a while. im 6" 5 and 170lb and i am willing to spend $450 (canadian). i really like the 2014 haro 300.1 as it is pretty light for the price (25.5 lb 3 tube chromoly) and it is available with a 21 inch top tube. any thoughts on this bike or any other suggestions?

camilo9712 07-26-14 08:10 PM

hi,idk how this works but im completelly new in this bmx world,i have two options to start,im looking for a cruiser,something to used around town and do some basic tricks,my budget is 200-250 and i live in colombia.
1st option:Bicicleta Bmx - $ 470.000 en MercadoLibre
2nd option:Bicicleta De Calle Bmx Para Trucos - $ 350.000 en MercadoLibre
any tips are welcomed.

absweet4201 05-21-15 06:50 AM

start with something cheap if your a beginner that way replacing parts is less expensive and easier to do if your a more experienced rider go to something more expensive like fit or Sunday then if your a advanced rider get things like Hoffman Haro or eastern. trust me the brands do matter so yea do research and find the bike your more interested in I like to ride betweent gts we the people and odyssey but my friend loves Hoffman haro and eastern so yea picking the right bike makes all the difference especially cause you want to get used to your bike also best to buy things that are normally expensive but on sale so you can save money cause trust me youll definetly need things like tubes tires and maybe even rims somtimes

Antman 06-05-15 05:23 PM

I'm looking to spend anywhere up to 300,can stretch to 350, on a new bike. There are some options i have found below but need helping picking them out
[h=1]Eastern Nightwasp BMX Bike 2013 for 228[/h]Sunday Aaron Ross am 2013 for 260
Premium Broadway brakeless 2013 for 290

Samaran 10-26-15 06:01 AM

Looking to buy a first BMX type of bike for my son. He is about 5'2" and 100lbs. Price rang is under $500. He wants to start stunting, and currently the bike he has (GT Tequesta) is not capable of that type of riding.

With the little looking I've done so far I am planning to look at:
Haro X4
Eastern Metalhead
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Bren5829 12-06-15 07:26 PM

Looking to buy my 9 yr old son a bmx bike for him to do tricks on so need lightweight, would like to stay under $400 of possible, any suggestions??

88dg11 07-07-17 01:15 PM

First bike buy
Got my eye on my first bike it's called muddyfox upsurge 20 atm it's on sale for 125 pounds should be 250 just want it for messing around nothing serious just yet I've only rode once thank you im 28 nearly 6 foot 95 kilos

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