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Street rider 09-22-08 01:33 PM

awesome. go for it bro.

dannytupac 09-26-08 09:02 PM

sup, i was wondering if i should get the Blend Park or the Black Pearl 3
Or is there any newer better bikes coming out shortly i should wait for?

also just want to share this to see your thoughts upon it.
i haven't bmx for like 3 years now, last time i had a bike was when i was like 13, and i could barely do **** haha, i moved after so i gave my walmart bike away :p it was 200$ or something i think.

I'm 16 now and i really missed bmx only sport i really had any kick out of even though i was complete ****.

concerning the black pearl 3 and the blend park, i know that these are expensive bikes for people with skills, though i have NONE, is it a bad idea to buy these? i would get a 300$ bike but its the fact that its not worth it when i can afford starting with a better bike, and i bet a bunch of people would be pissed to see a noob with a badass bike, lmfao. but i really rather start of with one of these bikes or something because i don't see the point in spending a bit less for a different bike when you can afford one of these instead.

anyways thanks for your time :)

live4muzic2 09-27-08 09:36 AM


amd keep that bike close to you, people will want to steel it.

minichamp31 09-27-08 05:32 PM

Get the one that looks better. I think the Blend looks better because it's different with the LHD. I would get it and then take the gyro off though.

thomson2008 10-01-08 05:44 AM

can't figure out which bike to buy?
Always check whether the site allows you to do a test ride before the purchase. This way, you would be able to find out the defects in the bike, if any.
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Luke52 10-01-08 07:48 PM

Ok, who want's to help out here?

I'm completely new to BMX, so I have no clue whatsoever about good/bad brands and the likes.

I'm looking into buying my first BMX, and I would like to get pointed in the right direction.

Yeah, I read the first post, and I'm kinda going against what it says, but like I said, I'm completely new to BMX..

So. Budget of $450. Show me the way :P

Thanks, all help will be appreciated.

Ryan k. 10-01-08 09:07 PM

um make sure its three piece cranks full chromoly frame double wall rims. the new fbms and fits are good bikes to.

b3nsonx 10-01-08 09:09 PM

chromo fork and chromo handlebars

FuzzyRyder 10-01-08 09:28 PM

stolen wrap is an excellent starter bike, especially at only $329. Full chromoly frame fork bars cranks, with sealed hubs and bottom bracket, integrated headset good rims, and a cassette rear hub. All with money to spare.

Robolove 10-09-08 04:07 PM

Im about to purchase ^^^ Stolen wrap, though where i live in SF its not too practical to ride >.>

b3nsonx 10-09-08 06:10 PM

sf seems like a better place to ride than where i live. i live in an suburb city in socal, so nothing but sidewalks and streets....not even any stairs. except for city hall, which is a mile away.

live4muzic2 10-09-08 09:43 PM

a mile is really close.

b3nsonx 10-09-08 09:50 PM

yea i know, but im just saying there's hardly anywhere to ride. that's like the only spot in my whole city. whenever im out driving, i even try to find some good places.

Robolove 10-09-08 11:18 PM

theres plenty of nice spots to hit, but getting there is a *****, i live right on the beach and i am surrounded by hills, so getting anywhere i either have to bus or ride up big ass hills

ascend 10-10-08 01:00 AM

do that 80s thing where you sit on your handlebars facing backwards and pedal along, it'll be like you're riding downhill instead

live4muzic2 10-10-08 07:30 AM

haha thats what we do. we not including me.

junkface 10-15-08 09:55 PM

Oh garsh. I'm looking at a couple bikes currently, and I need all y'all's help!
contestant number 1:
note that the TT is actually 20.75"
contestant number 2:
and finally, our last contestant:
I am also thinking about buying these wheels:
if none of these work, my budget is $350, $400 is stretchin' it.
I am 5' 7" and around 135+ lbs. (been a while since last physical, could be above 140 even)
I am new to BMX, but I want a good solid bike that will last me. yes, it means spending more money up front but I think (maybe hope is more appropriate) the longevity of quality parts will outweigh the cost of buying cheap parts then replacing them. So yeah, I am quite the noob when it comes to proper fit and such, so educate and counsel me on the subject of BMX biekz. Also, no racing, just street and maybe some park riding. sealed **** isn't a big issue, I have other bikes to ride in the rain.
what say ye?

fuzzbox 10-15-08 09:59 PM

Get the fly

fuzzbox 10-15-08 09:59 PM

Get the fly

junkface 10-15-08 10:31 PM

any reasoning? also, just a general question about fit, how does TT affect fit/riding as opposed to other disciplines?

FuzzyRyder 10-15-08 10:56 PM

the other bikes are garbage get the fly.

junkface 10-15-08 11:02 PM

and the wheels? the ones that come with it don't look nearly as strong...

Lariat54 10-16-08 05:43 PM

Looking to buy a first BMX type of bike for my son. He is about 5'2" and 100lbs. Price rang is under $500. He wants to start stunting, and currently the bike he has (GT Tequesta) is not capable of that type of riding.

With the little looking I've done so far I am planning to look at:
Haro X4
Eastern Metalhead

The dealer I am heading to also carries:
DK, Felt, Fit, Hoffman, Profile, and Redline

Any other suggestions, reasons to go withsomething else?


Robolove 10-16-08 09:32 PM

dk 6pack is a good choice imo, may be a little heavy for him at 30lbs, but he will grow into it and he wouldnt need to replace that bike or the parts for awhile i think, until he gets into harder riding

Lariat54 10-17-08 06:41 AM


Originally Posted by Robolove
dk 6pack is a good choice imo, may be a little heavy for him at 30lbs, but he will grow into it and he wouldnt need to replace that bike or the parts for awhile i think, until he gets into harder riding

Thanks, I will add that to what I ask to look at.

He found and said he liked:

Fit STR1
Redline Rival

Any Pro's/ Con's on those?
I am heading to the dealer this afternoon to look at these.

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