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ascend 10-17-08 08:18 AM

The Fit STR line comes without brakes or even brake mounts. The PRK and TRL lines do have brakes though; PRK has a gyro, TRL a straight cable. I'm not entirely certain, but I think the three flavours are basically the same, the differences being the brake setup, tyres and colours. If the no-brakes thing concerns you but he wants to ride street, the PRK or TRL with a change of tyres would be more suitable.

Robolove 10-17-08 11:22 AM

fit has a hi tensile frame, not sure if he will be doing anything that will bend it easily, but it will fail quicker than chromoly if the bike is being ridden hard, and yeah the brakeless thing...

minichamp31 10-17-08 08:38 PM

I would look at a TRL instead, considering it has brakes.

Robolove 10-17-08 10:46 PM

If i can get a new eastern element for $325 should i do it?

Lariat54 10-19-08 11:44 AM

I'll ask for one more bit of advice.

I did not get to see the sixpack yet, but the dealer did throw in one other option.

Mirraco Blend on sale for $389.00. I think retail was around $520.00.

I Had not heard of Mirraco before Fri, any thoughts?

minichamp31 10-19-08 12:09 PM

They make solid bikes. I'd go for that instead of the Six-pack. But get a straight cable if you get it.

Orphagn 10-22-08 05:00 PM

I was looking at a good starter bike and I was wondering if the 08 Premium Solo would be good for me.
I'm 5'9 and 125 lbs. Would the crank arm length be good enough if I adjust the seat height? Or would I have to change some parts out?
Thanks in advance.

FuzzyRyder 10-22-08 05:19 PM

Yes, good bike. You normally don't sit and pedal a bmx bike, the seat is usually kept low and out of the way to make the bike easier to maneuver in the air.

Orphagn 10-22-08 06:00 PM

Alright, I just wanted to make sure I got a decent bike before settling on one. Is there anything I should replace on it, or just follow the rule of replace on breakage? Also, what would be a good set of pegs be?

fuzzbox 10-22-08 07:30 PM

odyssey jpeg lights

Orphagn 10-22-08 08:44 PM

Thanks for the input Fuzzy and Fuzzbox. One more noob question, how does the size of pegs (14mm and 3/8') work on different bikes? Am I right in guessing that some bikes can only use one or the other? If so, which size fits my bike.

fuzzbox 10-22-08 11:04 PM

14mm are bigger than 3/8. Nowadays bikes have 14mm in the back and 3/8 in the front. You could just measure it with a ruler or something if you don't know.

ascend 10-22-08 11:55 PM

14mm and 3/8" are the thicknesses of axle that the pegs fit, so measure how thick your axles are and you'll know which size pegs you need

Orphagn 10-23-08 12:41 AM

Thanks again guys!

weihl165 10-24-08 09:31 PM

I am having a hard time deciding between 2 bikes and would like some input.
Stolen wrap found for 286.00
kink whip - can get for around 350.00 I am 5'11 and weigh 180. Thanks please explain why you are telling me to choose 1 or the other

FuzzyRyder 10-25-08 11:38 AM

stolen, the whip isnt full chromoly

Motopsycho 10-26-08 07:04 PM

eastern element
is the 08 eastern element a good starter bike? or even just a good bike period? or should i look at something else. the price for the eastern is max for me is there any other bikes that are better for around the same price?

FuzzyRyder 10-26-08 09:29 PM

Eastern is Garbage. DK 6pack or stolen wrap

junkface 10-26-08 10:16 PM

everyone has been trashing fit but I just looked at the specs for their team frame and it's full 4130 CrMo. I'm very okay with riding chromoly, the high-tensile **** not so much, which seems to be the general mood, but back to the original point, the fit team park frame is pure 4130, so why the hate?

fuzzbox 10-26-08 11:18 PM

What are you talking about?

junkface 10-27-08 12:02 AM

just wondering why everyone says fit turns out awful high tensile frames but I haven't seen that, so I was wondering if there was another reason for all the anti-fit sentiments.

fuzzbox 10-27-08 12:19 AM

A lot of the 09 fit stuff is high tensile. And I don't know what your talking about 1) what you said doesn't make sense, speak english 2) where is all this anti fit stuff? Because I haven't seen much around here. Lastly, who cares?

ascend 10-27-08 01:51 AM

i think he's confusing one comment about one particular low-end model from fit as being some general indicator as to everyone's opinion of their entire range

Motopsycho 10-27-08 05:51 PM

Wtp addict
If i can get a we the people addict for $180 is that a good deal? here is
the link

fuzzbox 10-27-08 06:28 PM


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