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TimothyKelly 11-05-08 06:45 PM

So basically reading some of this thread, I have basically no idea of which bikes to compare or what questions to ask so... Cheap, decently light, good started bike?

FuzzyRyder 11-05-08 06:48 PM

dk 6 pack or stolen wrap

junkface 11-05-08 09:27 PM

We the people 4 seasons for 400? year is 2006. apparently very little ride time. minimal wear, it looks like.

FuzzyRyder 11-06-08 04:27 PM

good bike yeah.

Lariat54 11-09-08 06:38 AM

Finaly Chose
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Well I did not get exactly what was suggested, but I think I got something that fits with everyones recommendations.

I was ready to put my money down and order a 2009 Haro F5 from a store close by. But I decided to make the trip to the dealer who actually stocks the bikes. Since my last visit they had put together a 2009 Hoffman Scarab AL. This has the 3pc crank, full CrMo frame, and straight brake cable (the F5 has a gyro). My GF and I both thought the colors were great. Pearl White with Anodized Blue rims. It came home yesterday and is sitting in storage waiting for my son for Christmas.

:thumb: Thanks for all you suggestions and guidance.

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minichamp31 11-09-08 01:20 PM

Very nice.

junkface 11-09-08 03:10 PM

purty. at first glance I thought those rims were celeste. Someone needs to make a faux Bianchi Concept BMX. all celeste and white.

Ryan k. 11-09-08 04:56 PM

what kind of bike is that

FuzzyRyder 11-09-08 07:02 PM

Sick, good choice.

Lariat54 11-10-08 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by Ryan k. (Post 7819403)
what kind of bike is that

This is a 2009 Hoffman Bikes Scarab AL in Radiant White

Ryan k. 11-10-08 02:26 PM

oh thats cool. whats the tt length and whats the rise on the bars?

Lariat54 11-11-08 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by Ryan k. (Post 7824561)
oh thats cool. whats the tt length and whats the rise on the bars?

The TT is 20.5" and the bars are 8" rise.

Ryan k. 11-11-08 10:57 AM

oh i was thinking of that bike but the tt is to small i need a 20.75 or 21

atl_rider5 11-17-08 04:56 PM

i just found a good deal on a bike in my opinion
tell me if its worth it
and i know it has no brakes

minichamp31 11-17-08 05:59 PM

For $315, no. It's not full chromoly

fuzzbox 11-17-08 06:09 PM

No. Look for something that is full chromoly. And since you are a beginner you probably want brakes.

P.S. Don't post the same things twice again. If you are looking for it, it has been deleted.

atl_rider5 11-17-08 06:17 PM

ok cool
sorry about posting twice

Glynis27 11-18-08 01:08 PM

Hey guys. I'm 25 and haven't ridden a 20" bike since I was 10. I ride MTB and road daily, but I'm getting that itch to build up and mess with another bike. My current bikes are right about where I want them, so I need to be able to redirect my attention to something else, lol. I am 6' tall and 150lbs.

I spent all summer looking at craigslist every morning, but nothing besides early '90s frames and walmart bikes ever came up (and they were listed for more than retail). I'm not sure now whether I should build a bike or buy a complete. My goal for this bike is something I can learn to manual on, take to Ray's indoor park (street/park), and maybe some street trials. I just don't want to spend too much money at once, but doing $200-300 worth of improvements in the first year of ownership would be ok. I know how owning a bike tends to do that.

What I am looking for...
- short chainstays
- shorter seatube/TT
- full chromoly
- double wall rims?
- upgradeable
- $200-300 but less is better.

I just wish I could get a quality frame that is ready to ride, maybe a year or 2 old, but didn't waste money on things that can be added later like brakes, gyro, pegs, etc. Haven't had luck finding anything yet.

LBS has Premium, Haro and MirraCo bikes. I will check the prices and models tonight.

Any ideas or tips? I am slightly lost in the 20" world.

a5h 11-19-08 12:00 PM


juliov23 12-08-08 03:53 AM

2007 integral slauson

for $120

the link he provides are to a 09 @ dans comp but its clearly listed as 07 in his ad.

i am 5'8 @ 145lbs. i would do street tricks. jumps, maybe grinds.

LVRoad 12-08-08 06:42 PM

I am buying a Christmas present for my spoiled 16 year old son who has switched from skating to bikes and has been riding some old heavy bike he got from a friend. I don't want to buy a bike and then have to go out and spend a bunch of money to buy new parts - so based on conversations with his friends, I am looking at either an 09 FIT STR Signature or an 09 Stolen Cheater. Any opinions? Anything better in the $600-700 range? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

live4muzic2 12-08-08 11:11 PM


LVRoad 12-09-08 01:02 PM

What if I added an 09 WTP Envy to the list of choices? Also, do you have any reason for recommending the Fit over the Stolen other than personal preference?

LVRoad 12-11-08 01:57 PM

if i wud hav spelt lik i b frum da stret wud i hav git da dope on whut b mor betr?

ascend 12-11-08 03:19 PM

No, but if you keep it up you might get the dope on what it's like on the dark side of everyone's ignore button.

From memory, the Fit STR series don't have brakes, or even anywhere to mount them, if that kind of thing concerns you. Also from memory, the Signature is the top of the line model in the STR series, and seems like a pretty decent bike. I may be wrong on both counts; check their site.

I don't know anything about the Stolen or the WTP, so anything I could tell you would be based on just looking up their specs online -- which you can do as well as me, since I've gotta go to work in a few minutes.

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