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cruiserflatland 07-07-08 01:59 PM

I'm at 20.75 lbs.
BTW: it's a brakeless 26" BMX!! :thumb:

*some items were cut down to save weight

Frame: Supercross Evo IS 26" 1633g
Fork: VIZ Curved 26 AL 881g
Bars: Gusset Open Prison 3" 416g
Grips: ODI Subliminal 94g
BarEnds: Eastern 15g
Stem: Blk Mkt Underboss 50mm 211g
HS: Cane Creek S-8 96g
HS Cap: Viz (w/ fork threaded) 11g
Spacers: Carbon 8g
Fr Hub KHE Geisha Light 36h 261g
Rr Hub: KHE GeishaLt FC 36h 9t 478g
Rims: Atomlab Pimplites 26" 631g x2
Spokes: Atomlab Torque 26" 200g x2
Nipples: Atomlab Torque 26" 25g x2
Pegs: KHE Alchemy Pvc 3/8" 160g x2
Tubes: Maxxis Ultralight 2.1 145g x2
Tires: Schwalbe Kojak 26x2.0 497g x2
Seat: Macneil Fat Capital '08 317g
StPost: Alienation Pivotal 27.2 170g
Cranks: St Martin Hollow Flat 630g
BB(euro) Primo Euro 22m 96g
Sprocket: St Martin 18t 24g
Pedals: Ares 88 Plastic 319g
Chain: KHE Tanga 3/32 217g

You can see more pics of cruiserflatland v7 on my photobucket page2:

minichamp31 07-07-08 02:34 PM

That's lighter than my race bike. I think.

Street rider 07-07-08 04:02 PM

i think its funny looking. sorry. just doesnt look natural.

MadMan2k 07-07-08 04:28 PM

Nice. I don't know that I'd like flatland riding on a bike that big, but if you like it that's what counts.

v1k1ng1001 07-08-08 02:36 AM

Originally Posted by forum guidelines
As a community with a diverse variety of members and readers, we ask that our members to post without using vulgarity. Vulgarity not only includes vulgar language and pictures but also sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language which may offend other members. In addition, the "masking" of vulgarity by inserting * or another keystroke in place of one or more letters in a vulgar term is unacceptable in most cases.

wethepeople 07-08-08 02:42 AM

I still stand by my original statement.

That would be chill in the MTB forum, but this is like posting a Pinarello Dogma in the classic and vintage section.

Nathan17 07-08-08 03:50 PM

if it was me, id change the forks to idenditi thingieesss :s

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