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jYm3s 07-27-08 07:15 PM

bike tube problem?
does this stuff really work or is it jus crap?

and i use my bike for street.oh yea and its a 20" dk

PRIMO22 07-27-08 07:18 PM

I wouldn't waste my money on that. If you need a new tube get a new one they are cheap but don't waste twenty dollars on that.

bowhunter236 07-27-08 07:22 PM

they r crap. they move around in ur tire and it aint a tight fit. if u dont wanna get flats the get a good tube and a little things that goes around the outside of the tube..... go to

Street rider 07-27-08 07:27 PM

i was lookin at those stopflats a while ago. for a while i was goin through like 2 or 3 tubes a week. but then i realized that it was on the inside of the rim, not the outside.

bowhunter236 07-27-08 07:32 PM

ya i just got these froms from my lbs and its amazing dude i ride threw thorn patches all day long and no damage.

jYm3s 07-27-08 07:52 PM

can i find these things in a bike shop instead of orderin em online?? like my local gordys bike shop

PRIMO22 07-27-08 07:56 PM

Don't worry about flats. I don't but i guess I have about 200 spare tubes in my garage.

jYm3s 07-27-08 07:59 PM

wat about slime does that stuff work??
not the slime in the tube but the bottle

PRIMO22 07-27-08 08:04 PM

Dude seriously don't worry about it. Generic tubes are like two dollars they work as replacements.

jYm3s 07-27-08 08:07 PM

yea i guess then

PRIMO22 07-27-08 08:11 PM

Just ride. If your still worried then try a cheaper solution

jYm3s 07-27-08 08:17 PM

do they hav any shops that carry em??

PRIMO22 07-27-08 08:30 PM

Just get them from dan's comp or they might have something like that at a shop. I don't know though I don't trust bike shops.

jYm3s 07-27-08 08:32 PM

haha y not??

PRIMO22 07-27-08 08:37 PM

I had a guy that worked for one give me false info about gearing and hubs. Then, found out after I gained experience that he lied to me. Never went back there again I get all my stuff from Dan's Comp and most of my info on here.

abowler10154 07-27-08 08:41 PM

Did you guys even look at the weight, Shipping Weight (in pounds):3.25
That means that the tube might be 3lbs, when a normal one is half a pound. wtf...

jYm3s 07-27-08 08:41 PM

damn homie that suks
buh thxs for ur info :thumb:

PRIMO22 07-27-08 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by abowler10154 (Post 7147854)
Did you guys even look at the weight, Shipping Weight (in pounds):3.25
That means that the tube might be 3lbs, when a normal one is half a pound. wtf...

weight is nothing. just get stronger

bowhunter236 07-27-08 09:19 PM

dude just get the slim ones. there at most lbs or getting something along the lines they r 15 buck and no more flats

minichamp31 07-27-08 09:47 PM

Wal-mart tubes ftw. I actually have a few of the plain Danscomp ones too.

FuzzyRyder 07-27-08 10:15 PM

dont waste your money on that slime garbage.

minichamp31 07-27-08 10:16 PM

That stuff is a complete waste.

Street rider 07-27-08 10:21 PM

super thick? my lbs sells em for like $10 a pop.

bowhunter236 07-27-08 11:31 PM

no not the slim stuff. its the strips that go around ur tire like the stop flats. its just made by the slime people.

Punx 07-28-08 10:39 AM

I got a pinch yesterday by bunnyhopping up a 4.
I did it perfectly the time before then cased it and POP.

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