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westildeath 08-03-08 08:24 PM

Help with tire choice
Getting back into riding after a nearly 12 year hiatus. When I still rode, I was completely ignorant to anything other then what came stock with my bike. I'm trying to expand into better equipment and the first thing I need to replace are the tires and tubes. I'm assuming that the tubes are all pretty generic, but I really don't know what kind of tires to get. I'm mostly going to be riding in the street and occasionally going into the dirt, but it's really a 90/10 kind of deal. The tires on it now say 20 x 1.75. I didn't know if i had to get the exact same size or if I could go up or down with that. I'm thinking I'd like to keep the price for all of it under $50, but things are always subject to change.

Hopefully this will be the first post of many.

Punx 08-03-08 09:12 PM

I just ordered some Fit FAF tires. $20 each and weigh really light. I will tell you how they are.

westildeath 08-03-08 09:37 PM

My biggest question is just understanding how tire sizes work. Would I be able to use a 1.95 or a 2 on the rim that I have now if it currently has a 1.75?

fuzzbox 08-03-08 09:40 PM

Depends on how much clearance you have in the back. I run a 2.10 in the front and a 1.85 in the back because of clearance.

Punx 08-03-08 10:30 PM

I like to run 2.10 in the front and 1.95.

castanagajt 08-04-08 02:17 PM

To be honest, I usually use FuzzBox's size for the majority of times. As for tires and the riding that you like to do, I would go with the maxxis line up with different tread for example a maxxis holy roller on back and a hoodlum up front so that way that you always have great traction even on dirt and the roll of the bike wouldn't be too bad on street. IRC Sirens front and back, or the Tioga comp III (the most imitated tire in the world) and a Tioga Comp x up front.

CMcMahon 08-04-08 02:19 PM

IRC Microknobbies in the thickest size available.


brian.reed34 08-04-08 07:34 PM

i run the fly ruben 2.1 in the rear and a fly ruben 2.2 in the front. the 2.2 has alot of tread that works in the dirt and street. i ride both dirt and street.

live4muzic2 08-04-08 11:45 PM

2.25 both ftw.

minichamp31 08-05-08 08:54 PM

I run a 1.75" in the front and 1.5" in the back. Word. And Beerman, I don't like MicroKnobbies. They're useless on loose or wet dirt.

Street rider 08-09-08 10:05 AM

1.95 front and back.

Punx 08-09-08 12:10 PM

1.95 front and back is so small

Street rider 08-09-08 02:40 PM

its comfy. its pretty much how ive always ridden, and thats what im comfortable with.

ascend 08-09-08 06:59 PM

I'm riding a 2.1 in front and 1.85 in back from memory. Tried going up from my usual 85psi to 90 the other week, it didn't feel any more jarring like I thought it would, so I might try just skipping straight to 110 and see how that goes.

Street rider 08-09-08 07:16 PM

i went from tires that were rated up to 65 straight to 110. felt funny for a day or two, and then it just locked in. much easier to manual and just roll down the street.

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