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billy the goat 12-28-01 03:46 AM

i know this has proably been asked before but what bike do you ride ?
i ride a standard shaman if you did not already know by the name "kraftySHAMAN"

so what do you all ride ?


alan 01-11-02 05:49 PM

2002 Specialized Vegas TR-X. I got rid of the Specialized T.J becuase I wore through them in 4 months and they had hardly on grip. So, I brought Maxxis Holy Rollers.

Flatland Freak 02-08-02 02:17 PM

Frame : Ares Ashura Flatland Frame
Wheels : Odyssey hazard hub (Front) and Odyssey Hazard feecoaster(rear), 14mm laced to Sun BFR double walled rims and Odyssey Groundwork tires.
Cranks/Pedals : Profile SS oversized chromoly tubular cranks with Antix Nomad sealed pedals.
Brakes : Odyssey Mudulevers, SST Oryg, Odyssey Slic cables, and Odyssey Evolver U-Brakes.
Handlebars/Grips :Hoffman Chocolate Bars with Primo Chad Degroot signature grips (naked chicks:D )
Chainwheel :Profile Black Jack 36T 1/8"
Headset/Stem :FSA Pig sealed headset, Atomlab A-Head stem
Seat Post/Seat : DK Fixed seatpost and Primo Gripper seat.

I probably left some stuff out, but that is basically my bike. That took some hard minimunm wage work to get and im proud as hell of it. I have to sell it now though!!:( Insurance sucks!!!! :mad:

EasternRiderTRP 03-17-02 09:33 PM

my new ride i got for christmas-
-2002 Eastern Hercules
-FSA 3 piece cranks, most people think they arent good because they dont say profile on them, but they outlasted my profile.
-eastern Sealed pedals(the best grip ever)
-eastern big wheels. these are nice as hell
-eastern pro fork
-Redneck stem
-back hombre brake
-Milk bars
-ODI rouge grip right eastern grip left
-Primo wall tire back maxis holy roller front
-dirt harry lever
-sun D.E.S brake thingy (seperates cable)
-dragonfly upper cable
-tank headset
-Black Jack chain wheel 3/16" with 415 chain

thats MY bike n i love it

Flatland Freak 03-17-02 09:45 PM

Hey I was just wondering how you got the Profile Black Jack chainwheel to work with FSA cranks? That chainwheel is made to fit only Profile cranks. :confused:

EasternRiderTRP 03-19-02 10:06 PM

thats the first thing i ever heard of blackjacks only made for profile cranks. Mine fits perfectly on the spindle. Its 22mm, that might be the same as a profile, i dunno though. It came with an adaptor so it must be meant for 2 types of cranks. One of my friends had a imperial on his specialized crank, and another friend had a whip-it on his primo crank.

Flatland Freak 03-20-02 01:44 PM

Yeah the Black jack is "supposed" to be made for profile cranks because their spindles are different. I had to grind out my whip-it to get it to fit right, but if it came with an adapter then thats probably why it fits nice. I have the same chainwheel, but i also have profile cranks so i had no problems. By the way if any one is looking to buy my bike, give me some offers please...i have to pay for insurance. You can check it out in an above post. e-mail me at

EasternRiderTRP 03-20-02 03:52 PM

i didnt have to use the adaptor or grind out the hole.

Flatland Freak 03-21-02 08:28 PM

hmmm.ok nevermind then, dont listen to me im an idiot :p lol actually ive never tried a blackjack on any other cranks but my profiles so i had no idea. keep rippin **** up man :) i cant here cuz it just snowed like 8 inches!:mad:

Cheatz 04-02-02 10:47 PM

2002 MoongoosePRO Californian

bmxdude0990 04-03-02 10:02 AM

Race Bike
-Mosh 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum frame
-Profile 3 piece cranks
-Welgo pedals
-Velocity Taipan Rims w/ tnt derringer f/f hubs
-Uni seat
-Profile Imperial chainwheel
-GT Stem
-Bobmshell Shrike Pro Forks Custom made
-Answer handlebars
-OURY Mt. bike grips

I got a few others like another Mosh, a PK Ripper, Quad Angle, and a Huffy

d1304life 04-03-02 10:24 AM

i ride a :::
dirty one 30 frame
FBM 2 pc bars
hb highroller rims
primo power bite cranks
odesy 39 tooth richard gear chain wheel
welgo platform pettles
hb skull seat
hb seatpost
primo casket stem
odi longneck grips
odesy modulever w/back 990
odesy 1x4 pads
T1 pegs on left side

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