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Speed It Up 05-27-04 07:46 PM

1pc, 2pc, 3pc cranks?
I'm new here, I'm 17 years old and just getting back into bikes. I used to ride, not in competition, but when I was 13-14. I would take my bike, which is still the bike I use now (Mosh Pro), too the local track and just have some fun, not really seriously into it though. Now I want to get into BMX racing, so I get on with my question.

What is a 1pc, why do they call it a 1pc? Why do they call it 2pc, or 3pc? I've never had a crank apart so I don't know what it looks like.

LiL EdWiN D. 05-29-04 07:42 PM

The main difference is a 1pc crank is one big piece of metal. A 2pc is 2 pieces and a 3pc is 3. The best are 3pc(im riding a 1pc right now but im gettin a Primo 3pc in the mail from dans comp)

Hunter 05-29-04 10:55 PM

One piece cranks are typically a chunk of normal Hi Tensile steel some are Cro-Mo but not many. They are very thin and are prone to bending, and breaking rather easily if you jump and ride alot of street. Two pice incorporates the bottom bracket spindle with the drive side crank arm, and the other arm bolts on. Three piece is a seperate bottom bracket spindle and crank arms. This is typically stronger for most manufacturers use tubular or forged cro-mo for the arm material and the same goes for the spindles. It also gives you a wide range in some cases for b.b bearings and spindles.

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