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evul9 04-28-09 05:06 PM

I need help if this is worth fixing it up.
Hello my step dad has this yellow bike which he bought from a racer on the local Louisville race track. its a cruiser and it says FA all over the fork/frame. I need a new wheel because the original is screwed up.It weight 26 Lb:( Is it a good bike?

Street rider 04-28-09 05:33 PM

free agent? possibly?

minichamp31 04-28-09 08:48 PM

Yeah most likely a Free Agent.

evul9 04-29-09 12:48 PM

Its a OK bike But it weights 26 pounds!

Street rider 04-29-09 01:35 PM

26 lbs isnt bad at all...

FuzzyRyder 04-29-09 03:01 PM

I would say its worth fixing, 26 lbs is light for a bike that size.

evul9 04-29-09 03:04 PM

OK thanks. Any suggestions for a new back wheel. (not too expensive)

FuzzyRyder 04-29-09 03:25 PM

hazzard lite 24'' laced to odyssey cassette.

evul9 04-29-09 03:46 PM

One question. by cassette you mean the free wheel or are you talking about the hub? Where the bearings are.
because I would rather keep the bearings and the freewheel. I just need the rim (wheel)

How much would that cost me?

FuzzyRyder 04-29-09 04:18 PM

Cassette is a type of hub, it uses a driver instead of a freewheel and is much more reliable.

minichamp31 04-29-09 06:53 PM

That bike is actually decent. Clean it up a bit, and it would look nice too.

evul9 04-29-09 07:23 PM

you mean like a fixed bmx that you cant cruise or are you just saying it is a better form of a freewheel kind of thing.

FuzzyRyder 04-29-09 09:00 PM

better than a freewheel

Street rider 04-30-09 05:58 AM

much better than a freewheel

evul9 04-30-09 12:43 PM

So its not a fixed gear?

andymac 04-30-09 01:10 PM

If there is nothing wrong with the hub just take it to a bike shop and have them lace up a new rim for you. An Alex DM-24 24" inch rim is only about $20.00 at the shops around here and it is usually another 20 or so to have it laced up if you don't know how to do it yourself.

evul9 05-01-09 01:47 PM

Any more suggestions on a cheap but not too bad rear 24In rim?

Well i just went to my local bike shop and they said $50 !!!!!!!!!!!!
So i think i am not going to be able to get a new wheel for a while, but if i could do it my self it would be really good. But sadly i cannot. I would be fine with $20 but not with $50!

FuzzyRyder 05-01-09 02:13 PM

LOL 50 bucks is not expensive, might as well not bother fixing the bike up if you aren't will thing to throw down some cash. What were you expecting?

evul9 05-01-09 03:33 PM

Well because i am 14 i cant really make a lot of money. So do you think i should learn and do it my self? Or is it safe to ride it ,because it has a small crack on the braking surface bit its only minimal.

If i would have a job then i would be fine but i don't have a job.

What about this? could i put my free wheel on it?

Street rider 05-01-09 03:50 PM

maybe. it depends.

evul9 05-01-09 03:53 PM

would it stand up against mild BMX racing?

I know why they bent so easily. The Weinmann 519 519 Rims
Read these reviews!

And how do you mean it depends?

evul9 05-01-09 06:48 PM

I am thinking about getting one of these:


ascend 05-02-09 03:47 AM

racing is hardly "mild"

minichamp31 05-02-09 09:42 AM


evul9 05-02-09 10:15 AM

Well no i am not a competitive racer or am i signed up to race, i just want a bike that will stand up against SMALL jumps and so on. Just cruising on the track.

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