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novice_101 06-24-04 12:40 PM

how many of u guys?....
how many of u guys wear gloves once and a while i wear some fingerless leather ones but they get in the was alot so i usually dont

next was wondering if there are any other ppls that ride treks out there besides street racers?

PGZX3 06-24-04 04:07 PM

I almost always ride with gloves.....I have sweaty that complicates things...but I recently got back into bmx and rode without gloves for a while and ended up with back to the gloves I

btw I wear full fingered mechanix wear gloves when I ride

BiKe_GuY666 06-25-04 02:40 AM

I usually use gloves. I do lots of wheelies and it hurts my hands with out them, So I guess it depends on what you are riding. ( BMX, Racing ). Its really up to you if you think you need gloves. Good point ^^^

Bruskys 06-25-04 08:23 AM

i sometimes wear gloves but i find that wearing a arm band like the kinds basketball players wear stops the aweat and is alot more comfortable

dk_dude 06-26-04 03:44 AM

i wear gloves everytime i ride im used to them now and deyr good

poverty_rider69 07-13-04 12:39 PM

i ride w/ gloves everytime i ride nomatter what im ridin....i use fox dirt paw gloves... they keep me from gettin blisters....they dont feel real comfortable when u first buy a pair but once u wear them in their great....gloves are always more comfortable worn in....

BMXTRIX 07-13-04 02:15 PM

I'm in the gloved crowd. Every time I ride I have gloves on.

During the Summer I sweat and will slip off the grips.

During the Winter it's just to darn cold to ride without hang protection.

I think most gloves are pretty similar in quality as long as you are in the $20.00+ price range (unless they are on sale). I've seen gloves marked down from 30 bucks to 15 or 10 bucks and usually buy a couple of pairs. I do not notice much, if any, difference in quality on the 'sale' products. I think they are just old stock that is trying to get moved out the door.

Bruskys 07-13-04 05:54 PM

yea my gloves were like 15 marked down from 35 there really good quality and they get comfortable after about a week or so

Arnie 07-13-04 06:01 PM

Gloves are just part of the equipment, at least in mountain biking.
Mine came in extremely helpful just last week when i flew right across
the handle bars and slid like 4 feet palms down in the gravel, i got up
and scraped the gravel which would have been stuck in my hand off
the gloves, then as any mountain biker would tell you, you look for
blood...which i was able to find on my knee....just enuff to brag about!
Sounds crazy....but thats the sport! Wear gloves!

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