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BiKe_GuY666 06-25-04 02:45 AM

How many of yall actually use brakes?
I dont use brakes because I dont find the need for them. If you ride like me, and ride wheelies and grind waxed curbs in the street then you should have them, but its just a risk you must take. How many of yall use brakes?

dk_dude 06-26-04 03:46 AM

me. thats 1

PGZX3 06-26-04 10:17 AM

I do, I've gotten too old and its too risky to go bombing streets full speed with no brakes.....

fr0zty 07-08-04 08:03 AM

me thats 3

midjet 07-09-04 11:00 PM

me thats 4

caleb 07-09-04 11:32 PM

i don't use brakes.. that makes 2

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