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RookieRacer 07-05-04 07:03 AM

Paint Job???
Does anybody have any ideas on what color i should paint my Haro Backtrail X1 i want something bright or noticeable???Please post your ideas.....

PGZX3 07-05-04 08:14 AM

yellow bikes always gave me bad luck...... I would go get some flourescent orange and green and do like an orange base and some kind of design over the top with the some orange county choppers or one of those biker shows to pick up some painting techniques and go at it with some of the spray paint I suggested....oh, and make sure you sand the old paint down and primer first....

just remember, you can't go wrong with black...

BMXguy 07-05-04 01:42 PM

black with chrome flames painted all over it. make it shiny with wax too.

PGZX3 07-05-04 04:39 PM

can't exactly paint chrome.....kinda makes it difficult....however if you did black and did some metal flake flames over that and then clear coated it like mad it might look alright

RookieRacer 07-05-04 07:01 PM

Thanx for the help guys i was thinking a bright green or orange and now that sumone else brought up that idea i think imma get it done

PGZX3 07-05-04 07:24 PM

hell yes!!!! that'll be so incredibly retro its unreal!!!!

BMXguy 07-05-04 08:59 PM

black with metallic flames is what i got and it looks awesome.

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