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poverty_rider69 07-06-04 07:57 PM

Whats the best type of ridin ?
its all a matter of opinion what is the best type of u like dirt, racin, street, or flatland the best ? what gives u the biggest adreniline rush ?

BiKe_GuY666 07-08-04 02:26 AM

Its mostly about what you want to do. If you think dirt is your thing then it is. I personally ride flatland, racing, and vert. Its mostly up to you, but i think racing and vert are the most adreniline raising.

caleb 07-09-04 11:50 PM

i think that street and and ramps are the greatest excitement, thats for me though ;)

S&Mdirtrider 08-08-04 11:34 PM

dirt is my favorite for sure, but do watever feels most natural or fun

BMXTRIX 08-09-04 11:20 AM

I like flatland because you can do it for hours without being completely exhausted. All the creativity for it flows from inside and you can ride as dangerous as you want to. If you screw up, you can usually just get right back up and try again.... and again. Second best for me is probably street riding just because you can use whatever the terrain gives to you. Sometimes it's boring, sometimes it's great, but it can change everytime you go out.

Flatland though is where I can really get creative and have fun.

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